How to spell it correctly: write or will you write?.

Difficulties in choosing the correct spelling of verb endings are easy to deal with if you follow the spelling rules that govern the use of–e- and -and- in personal verb endings.

In Russian, the spelling of verb endings is subject to the morphological principle. This means that any form of the verb can be formed from the infinitive with the help of its own stable suffixes or endings.

Comparison of verbs write and write

What is the difference between the verbs write and write?

Verbswriteandthoseandwriteеthoseare characterized by different morphological features, since they are different verb forms formed from the infinitivewriteusing non-coinciding endings -eteand -ete.

Write- personal form of I conjugationwrite. Its morphological features are indicative mood, future tense, plural, second person.

According to the existing rules, in the personal endings of the I verbs of the indicative conjugation in the second and third person singular, as well as the first and second person of the plural present and future tense, the lettereis written; in the corresponding forms of verbs II conjugation -and.

Let's compare the endings of future tense verbs I and II conjugation:

Future tense
I conjugationII conjugation
I will writeWe will writeemI will studyWe will studyandm
You writefshhYouwritefteYou studyandshbYou studiedandthose
He, she, it will writeemThey will writeHe, she, it


They will study

Write- the verb form that corresponds to the imperative mood of the verbwrite. At its end, the letterandis written under the stress.

You can determine which mood the verb belongs to by the meaning of the sentence:

  1. When you write about all thisethose, it will turn out not a bad story.
  2. Writeandthoseto me in more detail about your journey.

In the first sentence, the verbwriteeteis used in the indicative mood. It simply indicates the action to be taken. In the second, the imperative verbwriteandteprompts to perform this action. determined that the difference between the verbs write and write is as follows:

  1. Writeandte- the verb form of the imperative mood . Writeete- the personal form of the I conjugation in the indicative mood.
  2. The verb writeete indicates action; the verbwriteandteencourages its implementation.

In the verbwriteandtethe stress falls on the vowel -and- in the ending–ite; in the verbwriteetethe stress is not the ending, but the root vowel