How to spell it correctly: spare or spare?.

In modern spelling dictionaries, the adjectivesspareandspareare recorded as variants of word usage that correspond to the norms of the literary language. Their spelling depends on the meaning of the word, in which the semantic difference determines the choice of the desired ending: -thor -th.

The adjectivesparehas the meaning "prepared in reserve" or "left in case of need":spare wetsuit; spare provisions; sparebuilding material. In the meaning of "not currently in demand, but necessary under certain circumstances" optionis also used: spare: spare player; backup plan.

In the professional vocabulary of the military, the formspareis used with the specific meanings "related to the reserve" and "liable for military service, in the reserve":reserve enlisted personnel; reserve lieutenant.

If an adjective denotes an emergency exit or additional travel route, an atypical form is used for itemergency:emergency exit; siding.

The use of different endings for the formation of adjective formsspareandspareis explained by the fact that in Russian the formation of the nominative case of the singular number of adjectives occurs in two ways: using the endings -thor -th. In most cases, only one form of the adjective is formed, butspareandspareform a synonymous pair with the specification of the lexical meaning.

Adjectives with the endings -th, -th

in the nominative singular

- oh-th
order - orderatlas - satin
Skull - CranialFee - Paid
Emptiness - EmptyGreedy - Greedy
But! stock - sparestock - spare

In adjectives formed with the ending -oh, The stress is shifted to the last syllable; in adjectives with the ending -thit remains motionless. On this basis, you can also check the correctness of spelling and use in speech of variant forms of the adjectivespare / reserve. gives the following recommendations on the use of spare and spare adjectives in speech:

  1. Adjectivespareis used in combined with the nounswayandexit: an alternate route, an alternate exit.
  2. In the professional vocabulary of the military, only one form of the adjective is used:spare.
  3. Common, used in all styles of speaking and writing, the formis considered a spare. Its versionis a sparehas a semantic limitation in its use.