How to spell correctly: graduated or graduated?.

At first glance, the choice of the prefix in the verbgraduated / finisheddoes not affect its meaning. But in the language there are no coincidences: in it, every element, including the prefixes of the verbs, serves a specific purpose. The use of different prefixes is due to the need to accurately convey the meaning of the word, which will be used in different semantic contexts.

What is the difference between the verbsgraduatedandgraduated?

The answer is simple: in prefixes.

With the prefixfor- the verb acquires the meaning of the completion of an action associated with the performance of any physical, intellectual, creative work or part of it. In an abstract sense, it can be used to denote the completeness of a certain process that is not associated with the direct activity of an individual.

Ivan Ivanovichfinishedthe construction of the dacha and began to equip the personal plot.

The speakerfinishedhis speech and took a seat next to his opponent.

The writerfinishedthe story with a nostalgic phrase about his father's abandoned house.

The assault on the fortressendedthe reign of the hated dynasty.

The verbgraduatedhas a close meaning, but is used in relation to the learning process; he is part of the set expressionsgraduated from school, graduated from high school, graduated from a higher educational institution, graduated from a lyceum, college, seminaryand the like.

Sashafinished schooland decided to leave for Moscow.

In 1212, hegraduated from the instituteand finally got the opportunity to do what he loved.

Alexeygraduated from the Lyceum of Artsand believed that the road to the stage was open for him.

The use and spelling of prefixes in verbs depends on their meaning, which affects the formation of verb forms and shades of their lexical meaning. It is necessary to pay attention to this, since replacing the form of the verbfinishedwith its seeming analoguefinishedleads to a distortion of the meaning and is considered a speech error. gives the following recommendations on the use of finished and finished verbs in speech:

  1. The verbfinishedis used to denote completion of an action in a broad sense. The verbgraduated fromin the meaning is associated with the completion of the learning process.
  2. The verbfinisheddoes not form stable combinations and can be used in any speech construction corresponding to its meaning. The verbgraduated fromis included in stable combinations along with nouns that name an educational institution.
  3. The verbfinishedcannot be replaced by the verbfinishedwithout changing the meaning of the sentence.