How to soften rubber at home?

In many cases, rubber products are completely irreplaceable. Various seals, belts, hoses and other parts are found in the construction of household items and automotive equipment. But with prolonged use or hypothermia, they can become hard and unsuitable for further use. How to soften rubber at home? There are substances and methods of exposure that help to achieve the desired result.


This substance is able to change the structure of rubber and restore the elasticity of rubber products. The procedure consists in soaking objects until the desired effect is obtained. Large rubber can be gently rolled up before placing in a container of kerosene. After a couple of hours, the softened part must be removed and rinsed thoroughly.


There is another option - to arrange the product for bathing in aqueous ammonia solution. You should put the rubber in the prepared compound and let it stand for about half an hour. Then the washed and dried part can be used for its intended purpose.

Silicone and castor oil

How can you soften rubber even for a little while? Silicone will have a temporary effect on it. Having lubricated the surface of the object with it, it is necessary to allow time for absorption, after which the product will be ready for use. A similar treatment can be carried out using castor oil.


In a situation where you cannot put the hose on a round piece or pipe, immersion of the desired part of the product in boiling water will help. After waiting a little, it is necessary to remove the hose from the water and without wasting time install it in its proper place. This will be quite easy to do, since the material will steam out from the high temperature.

If the rubber is very hard, it is recommended to boil it. The best result can be achieved by adding salt to the water. Boiling in solution is carried out until the material becomes more plastic.

Sometimes there is a problem with removing rubber elements from some structural parts. In this case, heating with air will be effective. A hairdryer is used. Under the influence of the hot jet, the material will expand, as a result of which it will be possible to scroll and tighten the element that has become compliant.

Such simple methods can soften hardened rubber, thereby increasing the service life of demanded products.