How to skew text in Photoshop?

The functions of Photoshop are not limited to processing graphic files. This program also has a large number of built-in tools for working with text. Sometimes the user is faced with the task of tilting the letters. In what ways can you do this? How to skew text in Photoshop?

To solve the noted problem, in principle, it is quite realistic in different ways. Most often, the implementation of the action in question - the "tilt" of the text - presupposes:

In this case, the marked methods of text obliquity can be used in various combinations. Let's study the features of their use in more detail. To do this, we will use Photoshop in version CS6 - one of the most widespread in Russia and in the world, with an English interface.

Writing text in Photoshop in italics

As you know, a computer font used to create texts can be displayed on the screen in the following versions:

  • normal;
  • bold;
  • oblique - italic;
  • underlined.

And also - in their various combinations. In doing so, it is important that a particular text editor supports font sets that can be displayed in the appropriate modes. In particular, in some versions of Photoshop, you can find fonts that have only regular and bold versions.

In order to find out whether it is possible to tilt the font appropriately selected in Photoshop, use the Text tool to write any word, then select it and try to specify the Italic mode, that is, italic, on the text properties panel...

It is located directly under the menu items at the top of the program window. If the selected font can be displayed in italics, select it. If not, we select the one that has the appropriate option and at the same time matches the image in the picture.

Slanting text using the italic option is the easiest. As a rule, there is a need for additional operations with it. Photoshop contains quite a few tools for their implementation. Next, we will explore how to skew text in Photoshop using such.

Inclination of letters with the horizontal position of the text

A popular method of inclination of the text, which involves the appropriate transformation of letters while maintaining the horizontal position of the words. In Photoshop, you need to use the Rectangular Marquee Tool for this. It is located second from the top in the toolbar on the left.

After selecting the appropriate tool, move the mouse to about the middle of the text, right-click and select the Free Transform option. After a frame appears around the text, right-click on it again and select the Skew option.

Then, using the sliders located on the upper or lower side of the frame in the middle, you can tilt the letters at almost any angle while maintaining the horizontal position of the text.

If desired, you can also use the side sliders and thus tilt the text diagonally.

This will preserve the vertical orientation of the letters.

Word rotation

The next feature that often comes in handy for the user is text rotation. In order to use it, you need to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool again, right-click on the text, click on Free Transform, and then Rotate.

After that, you can "twist" the text in any direction, using the 8 sliders, which are located on the frame.

Displaying text in the form of a figure

Another option for "tilting" the text is to synchronize it with the contours of a certain figure. In order to use this feature in Photoshop, you should select the Text tool, select a word, then click on the Create Warped Text icon located to the right of the main font attributes.

In the window that opens, you can select the shape with which the text will be synchronized. Let it be a flag.


Using the options Bend, Horizontal Distortion and Vertical Distortion, you can transform the “flag” in one way or another, as well as, accordingly, the text that is synchronized with it.

The methods of text tilt we have studied can be used simultaneously in any combination.