How to sew a skirt?

To cut such a model, you will need a sufficient amount of fabric: 150 centimeters long and the same width. The square of fabric should be folded four times and a quarter of the waist measurement should be set aside in its corner. From this line, measure the length of the skirt, taking into account the hem allowance, and cut it out. The resulting part will be without any seams. To sew in a zipper, you need to make an incision in the fabric 20 centimeters deep from the waistline. All slices are processed on overlock or zigzag.

The new outfit is almost ready, it remains to sew on the belt and hem the bottom. It is quite difficult to align the hem of such a skirt, so it is more convenient to do this on a mannequin. The fabric sags under its own weight, which means that it becomes better to see where you need to cut off its excess. The bottom of the skirt is also overlocked. The hem can be hemmed by hand or glued with a special tape, which will significantly speed up the work.

The bell skirt

The bell skirt is the hit of the season. This style will suit everyone, without exception. Long fluffy skirts with a thin waist look very elegant. But it is not at all necessary to run for one to the store, because it can be sewn with your own hands in just an hour. For work, you need 2 meters of fabric. In order not to be too expensive financially, you can opt for a thin gabardine. This is an inexpensive but very practical fabric that can be worn both in summer and warm in autumn or spring. Due to the content of wool and polyester in it, it keeps its shape well and at the same time does not add extra volume.

The pattern for such a skirt is very simple: these are two squares with sides of 150 centimeters. They need to be cut and folded diagonally. To make the skirt flared, the cut is based on a quarter circle. To do this, from a right angle, you should postpone the measurement of the length of the product and draw a bottom line. There should be two such details. After cutting them out, they need to be sewn together along the side seams. For a better fit of the skirt, a zipper should be provided in the model, therefore, at one of the side seams, leave 20 centimeters unstitched. All slices should be processed on an overlock so that they do not crumble. The top of the skirt must be gathered in bow folds, observing the measurement of the waist, and secured with a machine stitch. It remains to sew on the belt and hem the hem.

This skirt is a versatile item: perfect for every day and for an evening out. The main thing is that the top of the set is fitted and not very long.

In a word, making yourself a beautiful elegant skirt is not a problem at all. You just need to decide on the style - and you can safely get to work. [thirty].