How to rotate an object in Photoshop?

"Photoshop" is one of the most functional graphic editors. But sometimes a designer is faced with a very simple task - to rotate the image. How can it be solved? How to rotate an object in Photoshop?

The main graphic elements edited in Photoshop are:

  • images;
  • texts;
  • Areas of images to be highlighted on the screen.

Let's study how it is permissible to rotate them in Photoshop - by examining the capabilities of the program in the CS6 version with the English interface.

How to rotate images in Photoshop?

A holistic image is a graphic object that can be rotated using a variety of tools of the editor in question.

Probably the simplest of these is the Transform Controls option. In order to activate it, you need to select the Move Tool, then check the Show Transform Controls item in the program interface.

When the Transform Controls option is activated, sliders are displayed along the outline of the current image (active layer). Those that are responsible for the rotation of the picture are located in the corners. In order to use them correctly, you need to position the mouse arrow at a distance of 7-8 millimeters from the corresponding slider so that a double arrow curved in an arc appears on the screen.

After that, holding down the left mouse button, you can rotate the image - in any direction in a circle.

An alternative way to achieve a similar result of working with a picture is to use the Free Transform group of options. In order to use the appropriate tool, you need to select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, then right-click on the edited picture, then right-click on it again and select Free Transform.

The Rotate option is responsible for image rotation.

If you activate it, the sliders will appear again along the contour of the edited picture. However, they are all adapted exclusively for image rotation. You can, by selecting any of the sliders, rotate the picture in the desired direction.

Let us now consider how to use the appropriate Photoshop options when working with texts.

How to rotate text in Photoshop

You can rotate text using almost the same tools as in the case of editing images:

  • using the option Transform Controls;
  • using the Free Transform toolset.

It is absolutely unnecessary, therefore, to rasterize the text - that is, to turn it into a full-fledged graphic object.

If the text is rotated, then it can be edited later using the Text tool. The changes made will appear in the text, which is in the position that is determined when you rotate it.

So, we explored how to rotate an object in Photoshop, which is a complete graphic element. Now let's examine how the selected area of ​​the image is rotated.

How to rotate the selected area in Photoshop

Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool, then, holding the left mouse button, select a certain area of ​​the picture.


Then press the right mouse button. Select the familiar Free Transform option, followed by the Rotate tool.

In order for the background not to become the background, as in the screenshot, the selected area of ​​the image can be copied to the layer corresponding to the picture - using the Ctrl and C keys, as well as Ctrl and V.

It will form, in turn, a new layer. This graphic object, just like the original image or text, can be rotated using the Free Transform and Show Transform Controls options.

The corresponding part of the picture can be cut by using the combination of Ctrl and X, and then pasted into another area of ​​the edited graphic file. How to rotate a cut object in Photoshop does not fundamentally differ from the procedure for editing a copy of a selected area of ​​an image. You can use all the same tools that we discussed above.