How to report a VKontakte group?.

Any social network is a small state in which there is a ruler (administrator of a social network), a population (users of the site), various castes (groups and communities), as well as a set of rules and laws (rules of a social network) to which everyone is subject without exception, site visitors, including guests. As in real life, various types of crimes are committed on the social network, ranging from libel and insults to hacking and threats.

In the VKontakte social network, the virtual life of users is monitored by moderators and support agents, who, in fact, play the role of judges and law enforcement officials. When a complaint is received, the support agent considers it and makes a decision based on the rules of the social network. However, the moderator can use his own moral principles if there is a "gap" in the rules of the social network. Have you been insulted or humiliated in the community, posted photos without your knowledge, or threatened with violence? You have every right to contact the moderators of the social network with a request to block a particular group. How to complain about the VKontakte group? What should you write in your complaint and who should you send it to?

Undoubtedly, the first step is to refer to the rules of the social network, available at The rules governing the creation and use of groups and communities begin at 5.13. For example, according to clause 5.13.3. the community administrator does not have the right to post content on the group page without the consent of the copyright holder. Thus, any group that published your photo on their page violates this paragraph.

Undoubtedly, all this is wonderful when there is something to rely on. But where to complain about the VKontakte group? Complaining about the community admin is stupid, as he is unlikely to consider contacting himself. For these purposes, the "Help" item is provided in the upper sidebar of the site page. This word hides nothing more than technical support (support).

After clicking on the above link, the social network will ask you to enter the essence of the question. Complaints against a community may include the following:

  • Community violation of rules;
  • community and group complaint;
  • community "XXX" violates clause "XXX".

If from the proposed points nothing suitable was found, then click the button "None of these options suit me."

On the next page, you need to indicate the community's violations of the VKontakte rules, the reasons for blocking and the requirements. After that, all that remains is to click the "Send" button.

The correspondence on your complaint will be reflected in a new window. You just have to wait for a response from the support agent.

If you put everything correctly, then the problem will be solved in your favor. Moreover, the outcome of the blocking depends on how the complaint is written and what is indicated in it. If you write the same as in the screenshot above, you should not expect a positive response from the support agent.

Where to start a complaint and how to write it correctly? Of course, the first step is to greet the support agent: "Good afternoon!", "Hello!" etc. Then you should indicate the address of the community, the fact of violation and requirements: “Dear moderators! The administrator of the community "http: // community address" violates the rules of "VKontakte" 5.13.3, namely, places their photos without the consent of users. Please take appropriate measures. "

If you have screenshots confirming the facts reflected in the complaint, be sure to attach them to the letter. In the event that you do not know what measures can be taken against the community, it is better to indicate the standard phrase for all complaints - "Please take appropriate action." If you want to block the group, then write about it in the complaint.

Visually and in detail about how to complain about groups and communities of the social network "VKontakte" is described in the following video: