How to remove tar from hair?

  • The resin in the hair can be removed well with a hair dryer. Especially if it has already hardened. Contaminated areas are heated until the substance becomes a sticky mass. With a rag, you need to remove the main part, and continue to heat the rest using a nozzle with frequent teeth. All resin particles are completely cleaned out, you don't even have to wash your hair.
  • Whichever method is chosen, it is advisable not to fight the whole spot at once, but to divide the hair into small strands and process each one separately until all the hairs are cleaned. You can make the task easier by asking for help from close people nearby. In the event that the problem is still very serious and you cannot solve it at home, you should contact a hairdresser for help from a master who will certainly tell you how to remove tar from your hair.