How to remove smoke in World of Tanks (WoT)?.

The Wargaming company from patch to patch improves the graphics of the game World of Tanks. Update 0.8.0 brought new physics to the game, and patch 0.9.0 changed the graphical component of the game for the better. But all this splendor led to the discontent of many players. Owners of weak "cars" felt the FPS drop due to the improved graphics. It was no longer realistic to play in patch 0.9.0 on laptops with weak video cards. Excessive smoke, reflections in the water, special effects in sniper mode interfere with the player and reduce the FPS of games. How to remove smoke in World of Tanks and why is it needed?

In "World of Tanks" smoke is used only as "decoration" and in battle only interferes with the player. For example, because of the smoke and flames in sniper mode, you cannot concentrate on shooting at the enemy. Smoke from the exhaust pipe and smoke from destroyed enemy tanks make it impossible to fully see the terrain. Even the owners of powerful computers disable all kinds of effects for a comfortable game. With the advent of maps such as Ruinberg on Fire and Arc of Fire, there are many more people wanting to turn off the smoke.

So, how to remove smoke in WoT? The first step is to remove smoke and other special effects from the sniper mode. When firing from a gun, flames and smoke "burst out" from the barrel, which obscure the entire sight and interfere with the continuation of firing of tanks with a rapid-fire gun. At the same time, the frame rate drop in sniper mode is the highest. We open the game client, log in to the server. Then, in the upper left corner, click on the "Menu" button and select "Settings".

On the first tab "Game", turn off the "optics effect in sniper mode" by unchecking the box of the same name.

Then go to the "Graphics" tab and click the "Advanced" button.

In a new tab, move the slider "Additional. Effects in Sniper Mode ”to the left, to the“ Off ”position.

If you are playing on improved graphics, then it is advisable to also disable "grass in sniper mode" and "effects from under the tracks."

To turn off all smoke in the game, and at the same time other special effects, you need to move the slider of the item “Quality of additional. Effects "to Off.

If such game graphics do not suit you, then the smoke can be turned off in other ways. For example, there is a special mod "Removing smoke and fog on the maps." You can find it on sites dedicated to the WoT theme. The mod removes excess smoke and fog, increases the FPS in the game and makes the maps a little brighter. This increases visibility in the game. Installs the smoke disable mod in the main folder /WOT/res_mods/0.9. X/, where the letter "X" is the number of the current patch.

You can learn more about the mod from this video:

If for some reason you have not yet managed to turn off the smoke in the "World of Tanks", then you can do this using a simple and popular utility WoT Tweaker. This software turns off most of the special effects in the game, thereby increasing the frame rate (FPS). WoT Tweaker does not require installation and is completely free.

After starting the "tweaker", we indicate the path to the folder with the game. There are two icons next to each effect, by clicking on which you can disable or enable the effect. So, WoT Tweaker allows you to remove smoke from the exhaust pipe, from destroyed tanks and flames with smoke after a shot.

If you want to leave the flame when firing, then just enter the only flame mod code in the window where you indicated the path to the game folder and press ENTER.

After turning off the smoke, your attention will be focused on the enemy's technique, and not on all sorts of special effects and puffs of smoke. Moreover, the smoke in World of Tanks does not affect the camouflage of the tank in any way.