How to remove minor scratches on a car?

Time always leaves its mark. If when buying a car in a car dealership it shone and shone, then soon this splendor fades, and the appearance of the car does not cause the same admiration. There is no specific fault in what is happening, and you should not be disappointed in the purchase. Ordinary grains of sand, colliding with the body, leave marks on it, which impair its appearance. The desire to preserve the familiar look of their "iron friend" makes many people think about how to remove minor scratches on the car, returning it to its original shine.

About scratches and damage to the paintwork

Sometimes we simply do not pay attention to damage to the protective coating of the body. However, when washing the car or in bright sunlight, we notice numerous marks left on the body by external influences. An example of such a violation of the paintwork is shown in the photo below. This can be caused by snow, dust, dirt particles trapped in the pores of the coating, or dozens of other reasons.

In general, it does not matter what caused the damage to the paintwork, the main thing is to distinguish between their two main types:

  • small, when only the coating is damaged and the primer and body are not affected;
  • deep, in which violations of the paintwork reached the metal.

For each of these types of scratches, different methods of repairing damage are used.

About removing scratches on the body

It is clear that these or those damage to the paintwork require their own methods of elimination. The easiest and most expensive of them is to contact a car service, where they will take a fairly large amount of money from you. But if you want to save money and at the same time think about how to remove minor scratches on the car, then you will have to rely on your strength. At the same time, you have at your disposal a fairly extensive selection of auto cosmetics that allow you to cope with such a task.

It should be noted that before performing any types of work related to the restoration of the coating, the car must first be washed and dried. All operations are carried out in a dry, well-ventilated area with good artificial lighting. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight. After completing the described preparatory work, you should proceed to restore the appearance of the car. So how can you remove minor scratches on your car?

There are several fairly widespread methods of LPC restoration, among them the following should be noted.

Light scratches

It is suggested to use an abrasive polish to remove minor damage not affecting the ground. In this case, it removes the top layer of paintwork, releasing new ones that have not been subjected to destructive effects. Polishing is quite simple - the chosen agent is applied to the surface of the car, and then it is rubbed in smooth circular movements at and around the damaged area.

After completion of the work, the repaired area is thoroughly rinsed with water, and then it can be covered with protective agents (based on wax or other material). It should be borne in mind that abrasive polish removes the damaged paintwork layer, so it is often not worth using it, otherwise the car can get very serious damage. During the entire life of the machine, you should not resort to abrasive polishing more than 2 times.

This option is suitable for the case where the scratch is not felt when you slide your finger over the body. For more serious damage, but again not affecting the ground and metal, you can use a slightly different technology. The difference lies in the use of sandpaper, as shown in the video:

Deep scratches

Scratches that reach the ground can be removed in several ways.

  1. Using special wax pencils. The mass included in their composition fills the place of damage, and the remnants are removed using a regular napkin. However, this method is short-lived, and after several washes, the scratch will reappear.
  2. Using the corrector. With its help, a special gel is applied to the damaged area (scratch), fills it and hardens, after which the defect becomes invisible.
  3. Using special paint repair kits. They come in small bottles like nail polish. Using the existing catalogs, you can choose the color of the new coating that matches the color of the car. Having prepared the place of work, paint is applied to the damaged area. How to do this is shown in the video:

Using the described methods of processing paintwork, you can maintain a great look of your car.

Violations of the protective coating of a machine are an integral part of its life cycle. No matter how carefully you drive, the paintwork gets old and damaged over time. However, thanks to modern car care products, it is easy to restore the appearance of the "iron horse" and remove noticeable violations of the coating.