How to remove back hair?

Complete removal of hair vegetation will take a long time, and the complex of all procedures will cost a pretty penny. But those who have such an opportunity and have free time will be satisfied with the end result.

Folk methods of hair removal

  • A glass of peeled horse chestnut pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, cook over a fire until the liquid is evaporate while stirring continuously. Rub the resulting mixture into the hairy part.
  • Pour 50 g of nettle seed with 100 ml of vegetable oil. Insist 60 days in a dark place. Then strain through cheesecloth and rub every day into the hairy area. In a month, the result will be obvious.
  • Hair is weakened by bleaching with hydrogen peroxide. Add the same amount of liquid soap and a few drops of ammonia to one teaspoon of peroxide. Use this solution to wipe the back once a week, until the hair on the back disappears completely.

So, to remove the hair on the back, you need desire, a lot of patience and regular application of the chosen method.