How to register on VKontakte without a phone number?

The boom in social media was in 2004-2005. Ten years later, dozens of social networks and professional networks coexist on the Internet, uniting people not only with a thirst for communication, but also with a desire to share experience in a particular area. Everyone knows that any visited project in one way or another attracts all kinds of spammers who want to make money on other people's users. Each social network has developed its own methods of protection, one of which was registration with a link to a phone number. While Odnoklassniki, having introduced a registration fee in 2012, angered most Russians, VKontakte did a little differently. Since January 2012, registration in the VK social network is possible only if you have a mobile phone number, since one of the registration stages is to confirm your account on the social network. But how to register on VKontakte without a phone number? Is it possible to get around this limitation?

At the moment, almost all social networks and services have tightened the rules for registering accounts by introducing a mandatory binding to a mobile phone number. But for those who do not have a mobile phone or do not want to "shine" their number on the Internet, there are special services that issue virtual numbers "for rent". In fact, a virtual phone number only allows you to receive SMS with a confirmation registration code. As a matter of fact, this is quite enough to register on VKontakte without a mobile phone.

Receiving virtual numbers in the Pinger service

Perhaps the most popular virtual telephony service in the World Wide Web is Pinger. Alas, the service is foreign, as a result of which you will need a little knowledge in English. Open the registration page in the browser (it is better to use Google Chrome) and click on the Sing Up button.

On the new page, you need to enter the following data:

  • Username - the desired username, in fact, the future login to enter the "Pinger";
  • Password - desired password;
  • Confirm password - confirmation of the password;
  • E-mail - the postal address for recovering the lost password and informing about the news of the service;
  • Age - age. If you are under 18, you will have to cheat, otherwise further registration will be impossible.
  • Gender - pol. Male - male, Female - female.
  • Security code - the code from the picture, in other words, captcha.

After completing the registration fields, click the Next button.

At the next stage, after analyzing the data you entered, the service will give you a list of free virtual numbers. You need to select one of them and click on the Confirm button. It is impossible to change the number issued by the service in the future.

If you have forgotten the issued number, then it is easy to remember. We click the Options link in the upper sidebar and in the Phone Number field we see the virtual number indicated by the "Pinger".

Issuance of a virtual phone number by the OnlineSim service

The Russian-language analogue of Pinger is the OnlineSim service, which allows you to use all the features of virtual phone numbers even without registration. Type in the address bar of your browser the following address:

On the right side of the screen, the service has allocated four free telephone numbers that can be used without authorization on OnlineSim. It is enough to indicate them when registering on VKontakte and get the code directly in the browser. Code data is updated automatically every 15 seconds.

If, when registering on VKontakte, the social network reported that the number was already in use, then we select any other number, click “Select” and enter this number in the social registration form.

Registration on VKontakte using virtual numbers

Is it possible to register on VKontakte without a phone number? Perhaps even inveterate skeptics will answer in the affirmative "yes" to this question. Having received a virtual number in any of the above ways, it remains only to open the social network site and go through the registration procedure. Follow the link, enter your first and last name and click "Register".

At the next stage, enter the virtual phone number issued by the service and click “Get code”.

Enter in the field the code received in the reply SMS message.

If you used Pinger, the secret SMS code will be displayed in the profile on the service website.

When using OnlineSim, your SMS code will be visible to all users.

Ten years ago, no one would have thought that social networks would oust online chats, forums and dating sites from the World Wide Web. Social networks have become a kind of panacea for users infected with network addiction. By combining a dating and data sharing platform, social media has enabled billions of people on the planet to connect with their loved ones and friends, wherever they are. In addition, the majority of Internet services, realizing their popularity, implemented authorization in the style of Open ID using the social API, using the data from the profile on the social network as a login and password. Thus, for several years, thanks to their versatility, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook have achieved huge attendance and high online.