How to register on Taobao by yourself?.

For many Internet users, shopping in online stores has become commonplace. Undoubtedly, Russian users purchase many times less goods through the Internet than the same Chinese or Americans. But the current realities are such that more and more of our compatriots are mastering online shopping and virtual shopping. In recent years, eBay and Chinese AliExpress have gained particular popularity in Russia. But among connoisseurs of virtual shopping, the Chinese counterpart of eBay, Taobao, is the most popular. Until 2014, only users of Southeast Asia could register on Taobao, since during registration it was required to confirm a phone number registered in several countries of the region. Since the beginning of last year, users with any phone number can register an account on Taobao. How to register on Taobao by yourself?

First of all, it should be said that, unlike the same AliExpress, Taobao does not have either Russian or English interface. As a result, you will make all purchases at random. However, if you know the Chinese language firsthand, then you will not have any problems with mastering the site. Everyone else is advised to acquire a Chinese dictionary, patience and attentiveness, since it is sometimes very difficult to understand Chinese characters.

The developers of Taobao have changed the interface of the site several times in recent years, and therefore the old instructions for registering on the site are not up-to-date. In addition, there are many clones of this site on the web. Please note that Taobao is only available at

Open the above link in a browser and follow the button marked in the screenshot below.

On a new page, consisting of hieroglyphs incomprehensible to a domestic user, you need to select a country, indicate a phone number.

But Taobao has a hidden registration page with a switch to English. To get to it, you first need to get to the 404 error page. Go to the address and click on the link shown on the screenshot.

Click the "English" button in the upper right corner to translate the page into English.

Thus, the registration form will be available in user-readable English.

From the drop-down list of countries, select Russia - “Russia” (fifth from the bottom).

Enter the phone number in 10-digit format, indicate the code from the picture, check the box "Create your Alipay account..." to create an account in Alipay and press the button "Next".

If you do not have a phone number, but you have an e-mail, then click on the link "Register with your E-mail address" located under the button "Next".

Within a minute, the specified mobile phone number will receive a six-digit password, which must be entered in the corresponding window on the new page. We click the "Confirm" button to continue registration.

If you enter the correct code on a new page, you will need to enter your account password and name.

The password is entered twice, and the name is exclusively in Latin and without spaces. The minimum number of characters for entering is 5. After completing the data entry, press "Submit".

The site will notify you of successful account registration. The personal account is available by clicking on the nickname in the upper left part of the screen.

It is quite possible to register on Taobao without intermediaries. The only problem is that the site is designed for Chinese users and interface russification is not expected in the near future. It is useless to use online translators like Google Translate, since they do not work with authorized accounts. Learn Chinese and shop on Taobao.