How to reduce hair volume?

Surprisingly, the chic volume of hair that many dream of can be a real problem for some. Often, the culprits of excessive splendor are an incorrectly chosen hairstyle, some mistakes in the care of curls, the negative impact of the environment (high humidity, rain or other precipitation). It is for this reason that it is recommended to figure out how to reduce hair volume with the help of modern cosmetics and proper styling.

Special products for the care of curls

Thanks to the products below, you can control the required amount of curls by caring for them properly:

  • Give preference to cosmetic lines for thick and wavy hair. After all, it is these balms and shampoos that will make them heavier, making them smoother. Conditioners, which do not need to be rinsed, have a similar effect.
  • Go for styling products - lipsticks, waxes, anti-frizz serums. All of them will allow you to smooth curls, add weight to your hair, while reducing volume. If the curls are electrified, you should pay attention to products that help preserve the sections of the strands and control their volume.
  • Homemade masks with gelatin. The recipe is simple: 1 package of gelatin and the yolk of a chicken egg, mix and beat until smooth, so that there are no lumps. Add to your shampoo, leave on for 30 minutes. Spread the resulting mixture over the entire length of the curls. Cover your head with a towel or put on a bag. Wash off after 30 minutes. This mask will not only reduce the volume, but also heal dry ends.

Which hairstyle should you prefer to reduce hair volume?

It is worth choosing the right hairstyles that can minimize the volume of strands. Below are the most suitable options:

  • Layered haircuts that reduce hair volume are great for long strands. Make long layers, because the shorter they are, the more volume the hair will turn out to be.
  • Choose a hair length that will reduce volume. Medium length hairstyles and short haircuts will create fluffier strands. It is best to create either very short stylish hairstyles or long ones. Unruly, thick, wavy hair, but with a decent length, will contribute to the manifestation of unwanted volume.
  • Trim your curls at least 1-2 cm each month. Thus, you will get rid of not only damaged ends, but also a mass of volume, launching a stimulating process of accelerated growth.

Some tips

Follow these simple tips on how to reduce hair volume at home:

  • Keep your curls healthy. If there are scales on the strands, indicating damage, the hairstyle will look untidy. For treatment, use special restorative masks, balms, homemade beauty recipes. Such a solution will be useful: it is necessary to grease the roots and all strands with kefir, after that the head must be insulated with cellophane, and kept for at least an hour. Next, you should wash your hair under warm water with shampoo. As a rule, folk remedies are part of home masks, and it is considered a considerable plus that this does not require large material costs. Effective hair masks will put your curls in order in the shortest possible time. It is quite possible to choose a recipe for your problem.
  • Dry your hair naturally, not with a towel. Try not to use a hair dryer. This device will reward you with even bigger curls and corresponding volume. Apply a special anti-wrinkle product to the strands and wait for it to dry.
  • If you had to dry your head with a hairdryer, then do it along the entire length. Pull the strand downwards with a hot stream of air to smooth and straighten it.

As you can see, with the right approach, the problem will be resolved fairly quickly and without serious material costs.