How to polish a car windshield?

Visibility through the windshield of any car only gets worse over time. A variety of factors contribute to this: sand particles, pebbles flying from under the wheels, rain, mud, working wipers. The latter, especially if they are already worn out or of poor quality, lead to the appearance of scuffs on the glass. Usually in the daytime, all right - they do not interfere very much, but when driving at night, the glass begins to "glare", and it becomes rather difficult to make out something on the road. And oncoming cars blind much more. So it's time to think about how to polish a car windshield.

Where to start?

Usually, the solution to a problem begins with the formulation of the problem. It is required to determine what needs to be done to achieve the desired result. Diagnostics and fault detection should be carried out on a clean, dry vehicle. In this case, it is required to establish how much the glass is damaged, and then it will be possible to say what needs to be done to eliminate the defects. This will allow you to select the optimal composition of the materials used and will greatly facilitate the work.

The reason is that to eliminate minor defects, it is enough to perform polishing, but if the violations of the glass surface are more serious, then it will be necessary to also carry out grinding. Windshield damage is usually divided into:

  1. Minor. This category includes scratches caused by exposure to sand particles, the use of harsh materials when cleaning, careless and rough actions during cleaning. Glass looks dull and sunlight scatters on surface irregularities and makes driving difficult. Such defects are eliminated by polishing, in which only the outer layer, not exceeding 1 micron thick, is removed.
  2. Average. Their depth is no more than 300 microns. Such damage is easily detected if you run your fingernail over the glass. If at the same time the nail clings to the surface, damaged areas are located in these places. They are removed by grinding the glass with fine abrasive materials followed by polishing.
  3. Significant. They are noticeable to the naked eye, they represent deep scratches, chips and other similar surface irregularities. The work begins with the fact that firstly the detected defects are eliminated with the help of special compositions for filling local damages, after which it is necessary to manually perform local polishing, and only then the general polishing of the glass.

What do we do next?

And then we determine how, how and how to polish the windshield of the car. To do this, you need: polishing pastes, napkins, a sander, etc., some of the above is shown in the photo.

If sanding is required, use abrasive materials, otherwise normal polishing paste or similar is sufficient.

Final work

After finishing polishing, the car must be washed, then it will be possible to better assess its quality. If you follow the technology, you will not regret what you have done. The photo below allows you to compare the condition of the glass and the view from your car after and before the work.

Polishing the windshield should be attributed to one of those operations that must be carried out periodically. External influences such as dust, dirt and snow leave their marks on it, which over time leads to reduced visibility, especially at night, and has a direct impact on traffic safety. And polishing allows you to restore the original characteristics of the glass, improve the look of the car and, most importantly, increase traffic safety.