How to poison bedbugs at home?

The appearance of red itchy spots all over the body after a night's sleep with a predominant concentration of more of them in one area does not indicate allergies or mosquito bites. This is a sign that it is time to learn all the available methods on how to poison bedbugs at home, because the fight against such parasites will be fierce and laborious.

Where to look for bedbugs in the apartment?

If there is any doubt about the origin of the rash, you can look under the sofa and behind the baseboards, behind the paintings or in the joints of the wooden parts of the berth - where these insects like to hide most during the daytime. They also feel great under wallpaper, under a bathtub, in bedding, in a closet and in any crevices on the walls or ceiling. There, the victim of night attacks will surely find a significant number of parasites, young and old.

Who are bed bugs?

As a rule, bed bugs come home from unclean neighbors or with brought new things: clothes, furniture, building materials. Their habitats are simply endless, because they are completely indifferent to sanitary conditions.

Bed bugs reproduce quickly. An accelerated increase in the population occurs for the reason that the male injects the female with so much fertilizing fluid that it is enough not only to reproduce the offspring at the moment, but also to keep it in reserve. It takes only a month from laying eggs to becoming a full-fledged adult, ready for breeding.

The life span of bedbugs is on average a year. They feed mainly on blood. In the absence of "food" nearby, they easily go into hibernation - suspended animation, and when it appears, they are activated again. Although bedbugs are predominantly nocturnal, if necessary, they adapt to the "host" regime.

These are very tenacious insects that are resistant to many even modern pesticides, and even more so they cannot be eradicated by such an effect as subzero temperatures. A protective "hibernation mode" will work here.

How are they dangerous?

As soon as a person noticed the presence of bed bugs in the house, it is necessary to immediately take action. The fact is that these bloodsuckers are carriers of many dangerous diseases: typhoid, plague, fever, encephalitis, and so on. They are especially dangerous for young children who have not been vaccinated against major fatal infections.

Control methods and popular remedies

You can contact your local disinfection station or Rospotrebnadzor. These services are required to process the contaminated areas. Do not forget that in apartment buildings, sanitation is carried out together with neighbors, otherwise the insect population will simply migrate from place to place.