How to please a Sagittarius guy?

In order to attract the attention of a particular person, it is required to take into account the individual characteristics of his character, including those caused by the patronage of the stars. How to please a Sagittarius guy, become for a loved one the most important and dear in the world? Probably, for a start, it is necessary to find out more precisely what a representative of this zodiacal family is looking for in women. And also - what will cause his obvious antipathy and destroy at the root all prospects for a successful union.

Three most important taboo in relationships

Sagittarius are not easy people. Sometimes they themselves do not know what they hide in the depths of their souls. They are outspoken to the point of being harsh, yet capable of being hypocritical with ease. Attractive and uniquely charismatic, but repulsive to those around them with their conflict and some despotism. Clever and intolerable know-it-alls who know how to completely surrender themselves to friendship and completely calmly turn away from their loved ones.

Astrologers believe that this sign is capable of a long and truly serious relationship only in the second half of life. In his youth, he is always in search of an unattainable ideal. To keep Sagittarius, one should become the very benchmark that it would be a pity to miss, and for a start - study the most important pain points, the pressure on which will put an end to the novel with one hundred percent probability.

  1. Point one - Sagittarius is always right. Point two - read the first point carefully. Attempts to prove to such a person that he somehow sinned against the truth (all the more so - forgot something, missed, did not take into account) will necessarily end with a global quarrel, from which the beloved will come out with firm confidence: this girl simply does not appreciate him. Therefore, it is not the one with which it makes sense to build something there seriously.
  2. Accept that your boyfriend is the absolute leader in the relationship, and never use force. Said: "To the Canary Islands!" - urgently packing suitcases. Said: "Go fishing with the boys!" - we change our plans, which we cherished for a month, and pretend that we are insanely happy with the opportunity to go to the cinema with a girlfriend. True, the main thing here is not to overdo it with artistry. If suddenly a Sagittarius decides that you are tired of his company and are glad to have the opportunity to take time out, he will be offended to death with all the ensuing consequences.
  3. In a relationship with such a person, there can always come a fateful moment when it seems to the girl: the centaur is tamed, submissive and ready to bring slippers at a click. This is the beginning of that very end that will destroy all hopes of hearing Mendelssohn's march. Sagittarius perfectly know how to imitate complete and unconditional love for the sake of their own comfortable existence, but as soon as they feel the leash, they kick up and fly away at a gallop. A hint that it's time to legitimize the relationship is quite capable of ending meetings.

    Do not complain if he is late for a date. Do not frown if you catch the moment of flirting with another lady - it is better to just make you chase after you, pulling the possessive strings.

    Demonstrate independence - but not coldness, independence - but not indifference. Love him so that you can see it - but do not lose your individuality, because Sagittarius needs a girlfriend who can really be proud of.

    As for the intimate side of relationships, it is worth taking the initiative. Daring, liberated, inclined to experiment, representatives of this fire sign have "hot blood" and are always ready to experience something new. They can be unrestrained and passionate, so a "languid maiden" is definitely not suitable for them as a partner. Add a little extreme to the relationship, but never end a sexual rendezvous with a discussion of plans for the future - in this case, it may not be there at all.