How to paint over gray hair with henna?.

To do this, the amount of henna required for a certain length in a plastic or ceramic dish is mixed with ordinary water. If desired, green tea can be used instead of water, this will only improve the medicinal properties of the resulting mixture.

Apply the ready-made composition to clean and slightly damp hair. Staining can last as long as a few minutes or about an hour, therefore, immediately before the procedure, you need to read the information provided on the package. In any case, long-term holding of henna on the hair will not do any harm, because it contains only natural ingredients. The paint is washed off with plain water without the use of shampoo.

Henna has an interesting property, which is the development of a more saturated color only 2-3 days after dyeing. Therefore, do not be upset if you do not see the desired shade in the mirror. In these early days, it is also better to refuse to wash your hair.

Henna is the only dye that can be supplemented with other ingredients during preparation. So that the hair after dyeing is not too dry, eggs or kefir can be added to the prepared mixture. This will not affect the result in any way, but it will relieve possible dry hair.

Henna is a very persistent dye. Before dyeing, a nourishing cream should be applied to the skin along the hairline. The procedure itself should be carried out with gloves, since it is very difficult to clean the skin stained with a similar agent.

Henna is the best option for painting gray hair, because in addition to achieving the necessary aesthetic result, it also has a healing effect, which is so important for gray hair.