How to paint over chips on a car?.

No matter how hard the driver tries, he will not be able to avoid damage to the paintwork. Often there is no one to blame. A pebble that flew out from under the wheels of an oncoming car, a branch that whipped a passing car, dust or sand raised by the wind - all leave marks on the surface. And grievingly considering such damage, one involuntarily has to think about how to paint over the chips on the car. It is advisable to do this as soon as possible, since corrosion very often develops in such places.

About paintwork

To protect the body from environmental influences, manufacturers use multi-layer protection, which is a combination of several different materials. The structure of such a coverage is shown in the figure below.

Therefore, considering various damage to paintwork, it is necessary to distinguish at least two types of them:

  • affecting iron;
  • did not reach iron.

The fact is that in each of these cases, the restoration of LCP can occur in different ways. If the damage has affected only the varnish and paint, to eliminate it, it is enough to treat the area with polish. In the event that the iron is damaged in violation of the paintwork, the repair will be a little more difficult. Usually, drivers eliminate such defects on their own, using for these purposes auto chemicals and auto cosmetics, which are widely sold.

There are several different approaches to how to properly paint chips on a car, each with its own supporters and opponents. But in any case, paint is applied to the place of damage, which forms a kind of dome above it, and it must be treated with polish to bring the existing paintwork to the general level. This will make the repaired area less visible.

What to use to restore the LCP?

The question of what is the best way to paint over chips on a car is rather ambiguous. For these purposes, you can apply, for example, wax, filling in a scratch with it. But after several washes of the car, the damaged area will be opened again. The closest to the original coating is the option using a primer. For this, a repair paint bottle is usually taken, resembling a bottle of nail polish.

But in many cases it all depends on the size of the damaged area. There are special pencils that allow you to fix simple scratches, while paint repair kits are most often used to restore paintwork over a larger area.

Care must be taken when choosing a color. It is best to use computer selection to match the new paint tone with the existing coating. Otherwise, the restored place will stand out against the general background.

In case of a sufficiently extensive violation of the coating, you should contact the service station and carry out a complete restoration of the paintwork there. And so, in most cases, the main tool that allows you to paint over chips is a bottle of paint. Well, a number of auxiliary materials - rust reducer, degreaser, primer and skin.

How do I remove a scratch or chip on a car?

As already noted, usually the place of damage is simply covered with a paint that matches the color. But this is if it is small. This method is the simplest and most frequently used, it is shown in the video:

In case of a sufficiently significant violation of the paintwork, additional soil is applied to the damaged area. In this case, such a place is smoothed with a sandpaper to remove rust. And then either immediately covered with paint, or pre-primed. A similar technology is shown here:

However, this is a rather simplified version of repairing chips, and sometimes in cases where the corrosion from the place of damage has gone far to the side, this method will not provide complete protection of the body. The fact is that rust can go under the whole coating, and in the future, while maintaining its appearance, the car will rot, let's say, from the inside.

To avoid this, it is necessary to remove the paint around the damaged area, completely exposing the area affected by corrosion. Then it is treated with a rust reducing agent. After holding for the time specified by the instructions, the remnants of the drug are washed off with a degreaser. Paint can now be applied, usually two coats are required to obtain a good finish.

When the paint dries, after two days the repaired area is treated with sandpaper No. 2000 and then polished. Details of this technology can be found here:

The methods described are not limited to those methods that are used to restore paintwork. There are a variety of methods out there, so there is no question whether it is possible to paint over the chips on the machines. Can. And the faster you do it, the better it will be.

Violations of the paintwork on the car body are inevitable. However, the worst thing is not that it is damaged, but the development of corrosion in this area, if appropriate measures are not taken. So it is not necessary to postpone the restoration of the coating indefinitely, but it is worthwhile to deal with the elimination of chips as soon as possible.