How to paint over a red hair color?.

Owners of fiery hair color have always stood out from the crowd not only by the brightness of their colors, but also by their special temperament, sexuality, and enthusiasm. Despite these positive factors, some women dream of getting rid of such a natural gift, others are trying to regain their natural shade, regretting the experiment with their appearance. They are united by one problem - how to paint over the red hair color. And its solution is very problematic for both natural redhead and acquired.

The reason is the presence of persistent red pigment, which is almost impossible to remove. You can, of course, wait until the bright curls grow back, and get rid of them by making a stylish hairstyle. If time does not allow, then the master in the hairdresser or salon will tell you how to paint over the red hair color. Special washes are offered, which are very effective in this situation, but the procedure itself will become an expensive pleasure, since a satisfactory result can be obtained only after a few sessions. For this reason, some are trying to correct the situation on their own, without taking into account the specific features of this color.

Caution against mistakes

If redhead is a consequence of unsuccessful staining, you can get rid of it after repeated use of the coloring agent. But sometimes, in this case, many make mistakes. Discoloration is absolutely unacceptable. Compositions intended for lightening hair can only eliminate dark shades, and red and reddish remain unchanged, only the structure of the hair follicles is destroyed. This prevents further dyeing as the hair does not hold the dye.

Dyeing with purchased products

The red tint is not always completely eliminated, but it is at least partially possible to correct the situation by figuring out what color to paint over the red hair color.

  • To restore the natural light shade, dyes of ashy tones, containing a blue pigment, will help to neutralize redheads. After applying, for example, "Ash Blonde", the orange color will acquire a brown tint, that is, it will become darker. A light blond tone and a beige blond will do.
  • The ginger problem can be eliminated by using dark dyes other than black, which will only slightly darken the fieryness.
  • Tint shampoos will help to resolve the issue in the most affordable way. The purple tonic will change the reddishness to ashy. One drawback is that such cosmetics are short-lived and need to be updated periodically.
  • By resorting to highlighting, the situation can not only be corrected, but also be played in such a way that the red shine will look very advantageous. At the same time, this method will rejuvenate the appearance. The process consists in dyeing individual strands with a color that is in harmony with the main one. The strands can be thin, but it is permissible to highlight and wide, which will visually add volume to the hairstyle. Since red shades are also problematic for this method, the ideal option is California highlighting.
  • For women of Balzac age, stylists recommend getting rid of the red color with the help of coloring, combining wheat, copper shades and light blond.

Folk remedies to help

Those who wish to correct an unsuccessful experiment on their own and without chemical intervention, folk methods will also tell you how to paint over red hair:

  • Juice lemon, moisten hair and walk for several hours in the sun, then rinse with water.
  • Another remedy is both a lightening and a mask for curls. Soak rye bread in water, insist overnight. Distribute the resulting gruel through the hair, and after an hour wash your hair.
  • The next set of procedures: soak the strands with beer, leave for the whole day. Then wash with plain soap and rinse with water.

If, nevertheless, none of the means will give a result, then it is better to consult a specialist. He will select the necessary color on a professional level using a special series of hair dyes, which is different from aggressive dyes for home use.