How to open the car if the keys are left inside?

Every car owner should make it a rule to keep the keys in hand before closing the door. Otherwise, this very door can slam shut, lock, and you will have to think about how to open the car if the keys are left inside. It's good when you have one more keys in stock and you can use them. But if there were none, you will have to get out of the situation in a different way.

Modern expensive technology, unfortunately or fortunately, precludes the use of most methods of opening locks. Fortunately, because malefactors are practically deprived of the chance to carry out their plans to take possession of other people's property. Unfortunately, because the owner of the car, if necessary, to get into it with the door locked, is forced to either break expensive glass, or call specialists who will also ask for a decent amount. However, for many models, the following secrets of opening the lock may be effective.

Option 1 - using a fishing line (thin rope)

A strong thread is needed to raise the lock flag from the back of the door. To get to it, you need to bend the seal in the upper corner. Sometimes you need to squeeze the door itself a little, for which you should use a chip or, if possible, reach the house, a kitchen spatula (wooden). On the fishing line, you need to make such a loop so that it tightens if you pull on the two ends extending from it.

The prepared fishing line must be pushed into the door gap. Moving it left and right, you need to ensure that the loop is at the level of the flag, which should then be pry off and pulled up.

Option 2 - using a wire

Using this material, you can solve the problem in two ways. First, you need to try, bending the door seal, thread a piece of wire into the slot and, if the keys are in sight and in an accessible place, pick them up and pull them out. The end of the wire should first be bent in the form of a hook, from which the keys could not slip when they are removed from the passenger compartment.

Secondly, with the same hook on the wire, you can try to pry off the key rod from the inside so that it moves up and the door opens. The wire will not damage the coating if the places of its contact with the car surface are protected with electrical tape.

Option 3 - using a ruler

This technique is well known among motorists. First, a suitable wedge must be carefully hammered between the door and the glass to create a small gap. Through it, you need to draw a ruler along the glass to the latch. Then open the lock with an upward movement. The method is effective, as a rule, for domestic vehicles.

To help, there is also a video on how to open the car if the keys are left inside: