How to move to live in Germany?.

The visa is usually issued for one year with subsequent renewal, and after graduation, the graduate has another year to look for work.

  • Au Pair. Under this program, young people and girls under the age of 25 can come to the country to study German and work with local families at the same time. Usually such work involves the upbringing and care of minor children. The host family provides the employee with room and board, as well as a small salary of 260 euros. The visa is usually issued for one year, but it can be extended for other reasons, for example, by entering a German university.
  • Labor migration. To obtain a visa, you must find a job in Germany and have a good knowledge of the German language (at the B2 level). As a rule, the most in demand are IT specialists and workers with a high level of professional qualifications.
  • Business migration. This method is suitable for business people with sufficient initial capital (at least 250,000 euros) who are ready to start their own business and create at least five jobs. Initially, the visa is issued for two years and is renewed only if the income received is sufficient.
  • Refugees. In Germany, they are very willing to grant residence permits to refugees and internally displaced persons. But this right can only be exercised by those citizens who left their place of permanent residence due to extraordinary circumstances (for example, hostilities or natural disasters).
  • Political asylum. Also, the right to live in Germany can be obtained by persons who are persecuted in their homeland for political, religious and other beliefs or for actions that are not recognized as offenses in international law. On average, only 3% of such applications are approved by the relevant German office.
  • Thus, if the question is how to move to Germany to live, then you need to decide on which category of citizens you can approach. It is quite easy to obtain permission for permanent residence during ethnic migration (Germans and Jews) and family reunification. Those who wish to work or study in this country can obtain a temporary residence permit with the possibility of its extension. The hardest part will have to those who decide to apply for political asylum.