How to make up eyes like a doll?

The naive look of huge eyes on a porcelain-transparent face... A pure and innocent puppet image has been in demand for many years, and a rare woman has not tried to recreate it. But to do it right, you need to know how to make up the eyes, like a doll. Indeed, with such a make-up, it is on them that the main emphasis is placed.

The choice of shadows

One of the main tasks of the doll make-up is to enlarge the eyes. Therefore, shadows are used in the lightest and most delicate, but not neutral shades. Pink-pearl, light green, blue tones are suitable - depending on the color of the iris and the general color type.

First, a base is applied to the eyelids. This allows you to make your makeup look richer and more durable. Then the main color is distributed over the movable eyelid, and the fold and the outer corner are highlighted a little brighter. When shading, you need to take into account that the color of the eyelash growth line should be slightly more saturated. In the same way, they shade the lower eyelid, carefully shading the line. The inner corner of the eye should be highlighted with the lightest shadows. A shiny, pearlescent highlight is placed under the eyebrow. By the way, well-groomed eyebrows are very important for this kind of makeup. They must be carefully processed, styled, excess hairs should not stick out. With an eyebrow pencil or shadow, you can correct their color and density.

For correct contours

The next step is pencil or eyeliner. The edge of the upper eyelid must be carefully drawn, drawing a line to the lacrimal canal. A neat arrow is drawn from the middle of the eye, extending beyond the outer edge of the eyelashes. Its tail should be pointed. Now the lower eyelid - it must be brought in a couple of millimeters below the eyelash growth line. The top and bottom arrows must not be connected in either the outer or inner corner. On the contrary, the places of their intended connection are highlighted with shadows or a white pencil. This greatly enlarges the eye. Next, a white pencil is used to draw the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid. It should be of high quality, of a proven brand, so as not to cause irritation in such a delicate area. However, this applies to all facial cosmetics.

Mascara - the finishing touch

After performing all the above manipulations, the eyes are visually larger, it seems that they occupy half of the face. This was one of the goals of the make-up made in the fashionable baby-doll style. It remains to highlight the eyelashes. In the question of how to make up eyes, like a doll, they are of great importance. Long, thick, curled up eyelashes are beautiful in themselves, but in this case they play an important role - without them, the doll image is simply unthinkable. For women endowed with such wealth by nature, it will be enough to make up their eyes twice with voluminous mascara, carefully separating the cilia. But there is one caveat. The lower eyelashes are dyed, retreating from the roots by a couple of millimeters. This part is carefully powdered with light shadows. If your eyelashes are naturally not very long, it is a good idea to use false eyelashes.

A step for the bold

Of course, this is already a rather noticeable make-up, but with brighter shadows, you can create an evening version. Also, to make their eyes look like dolls, some people use colored lenses larger than the iris. Their size and the most incredible colors - bright purple, sky blue, grassy green - will make your eyes look stunning.

It is worth considering that doll makeup looks good only on a young, clean and smooth face. Older ladies should choose another option. But girls with baby-face and doll make-up, the right hairstyle and outfit, as well as the appropriate accessories will look just incredible.