How to make smokey ice correctly?

  • Light shadows.

    Now you need to make a transition to lighter tones with an extension of the outline under the eyebrow and to the temples. A lighter shade is superimposed on darker shadows. It is desirable that the shadows have a pearlescent sheen, but here already "the taste and color." They are also shaded so that the transition from light shadows to dark and clear skin becomes almost invisible. At least a third of the eyelid not covered with makeup should be left under the eyebrow.

  • Feathering.

    If the line connecting dark and light tones is not blurred enough and is visible to the naked eye, it will be better to shade it. A cotton swab is taken: it is necessary to shade the connection line with it so that it becomes invisible. Since smokey ice is exactly smoky makeup, it should not have abrupt transitions. It should kind of evaporate, come to naught.

  • Ink.

    Now you need to very carefully paint over the eyelashes with mascara in order to noticeably thicken and lengthen them. Multiple coats can be applied. Most intensively, you need to paint over the eyelashes closer to the outer corner of the eye. They are no less diligently stained on the upper eyelid.

  • How to choose a palette for smokey ice?

    If you have chosen "smokey ice" for yourself as your everyday makeup, then you should not dwell on too dark shades. Better to use lighter, more natural tones. In this case, the makeup will not overshadow the naturalness and originality. In addition, experts recommend brunettes and brown-haired women to use tricolor shades "white / gray / black". Blondes do not need to be upset: similar colors will suit them if the ladies emphasize them with their outfit.

    It is very important to choose the right makeup color. If you make a mistake, then even a perfectly executed smokey ice will look like a clown's makeup. The color of the eyeshadow should match the color of the eyes and skin.

    Blue eyes

    Most often, blue-eyed girls have a fair skin tone due to a lack of melanin. For this type, silver, gold, blue and sand shades are ideal.

    Brown eyes

    For dark skin - chocolate, brown and olive tones. For light - purple, lilac or blue.

    Green eyes

    There is a wide choice of shades. You need to experiment to find the perfect combination. The main thing is not to dwell on green, as it will distract attention from the natural shade of the eyes.

    Gray eyes

    Just like green eyes, almost everything suits gray eyes. But according to many makeup artists, the classic "black and gray" smokey ice for gray-eyed beauties is the ideal option.