How to make salted modeling dough?

PVA glue is also suitable.

How you can get colored dough

Painted crafts, undoubtedly, look more interesting and spectacular. And in this case, you can act in different ways. Sometimes it is more convenient to first make the figures and only then color them. It's also good to immediately sculpt from colored dough.

There are several ways to color the material. You can use the usual means for painting: watercolor, gouache. Or add food coloring to the dough. An excellent option is the use of natural dyes. For example, cocoa will allow you to get a wonderful chocolate color, soot - black. Juices of greens, vegetables - carrots, beets will give their colors to the dough.

Any dye first dissolves well in water, and then is introduced into the dough when kneading. It should be remembered that the color saturation decreases after drying. You can correct the situation by covering the craft with artistic varnish. Then the colors will become brighter, and a pleasant gloss will appear on the surface of the products.

Making salt dough for figurines is not difficult at all. And if not all of the material is consumed, the remaining mass can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator by placing it in a plastic bag or various jars. The crafts made will remain well dried in the fresh air or, even faster, in the oven. The results of creativity will decorate the house and make it even more comfortable!

The process of preparing the dough for modeling is presented in the video: