How to make flowers from napkins with your own hands?

Almost all of us have napkins at home. They are an indispensable attribute in cafes and restaurants, they are used to create various decorations for a banquet. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to make flowers from napkins with their own hands. The process itself does not take much time. Even a school-age child can solve this problem. But before you start creating masterpieces, you should purchase napkins of various shades. With the help of the accessories obtained during the work, it will be possible to give originality and brightness to a festive feast, to arrange panels for the kitchen or children's room.

Preparation of materials

To make flowers from napkins, you will need:

  • paper napkins;
  • Scotch tape, preferably colored;
  • wire;
  • toothpicks;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue;
  • needle and thread.

We make beautiful asters

Asters are the simplest and most popular craft option.

  1. Take three napkins of the same color. Fold these squares one by one, connecting all sides and corners. Using scissors, make a circle out of a square shape, while the accuracy of execution is not significant, a compass is not needed. The flower will look even more natural if the edges of the petals are uneven.
  2. Apply a drop of glue to the middle of the layers and press down. You can skip the glue if you sew on the layers of napkins with regular thread.
  3. Along the edge of the resulting circle, make small cuts, about 2-3 cm (depending on the size of the workpiece itself). Using the tip of the scissors, twist them into petals - just drag a blade over the surface of each layer, and they themselves will twist into a tube. You can use a toothpick instead of scissors.
  4. Take the craft by the center of the lower circle. Pull it slightly and bend it to form a pointed end, which should be wrapped with tape or thread. Straighten the petals. The flower is ready!

Natural Carnations

A similar method can be used to create a carnation. To do this, cut curly circles from the squares of the napkins using curly scissors. The finished flower can be attached to the wire, previously wrapped with a green napkin. Place your piece of art in a pre-prepared vase.

Before making flowers from napkins with your own hands, use a useful tip: you can trim the edges of the squares using various methods - in the form of teeth or waves. Let your imagination run wild!

We make roses

  1. For work, take one-layer napkins without patterns of pink, red, orange colors. But such, that is, single-layer, as a rule, are not found in stores. Therefore, take standard napkins folded in four layers. Unfold them and cut along the folds, forming small squares. This should be done with napkins of all colors.
  2. Take one piece, fold it in half, connecting opposite sides. Twist the edge along the fold line with a flagellum.

  3. Fix the free edge of the workpiece with a toothpick, securing it with a thread. And bend the edge twisted with a tourniquet, give it the shape of a rose petal. The first step has been completed.
  4. ​​
  5. Next, take a new canvas, twist it, having done all the previous work. Clip the next petal onto a toothpick.
  6. Continue to shape the flower from the napkins until the size suits you.

Making a lily

Just one napkin folded four times will be enough to make an original lily.

  1. Fold it diagonally from closed corner to open corner.
  2. Cut the half-open corners from the top to the middle. If you cut in an arc, the flower will be more natural.
  3. The corner that remains closed must be wrapped with colored tape in one layer.
  4. Straighten the petals.
  5. Plant a lily on the wire. The tip of the wire should be brought into the middle of the flower, and a ball of cotton wool painted with yellow paint should be fixed on it.

A white napkin is most suitable for making the lily itself.

As you can see, making flowers with your own hands is very simple. One has only to want, and the result will surely satisfy you.