How to make corrugated paper flowers?

As beautiful as natural flowers in bouquets are, they tend to fade quickly. Therefore, you can admire their beauty for no more than a week. But if you know how to make flowers out of corrugated paper, then it is quite possible to make a bouquet for a wedding, any other celebration, or just for your beloved yourself and no longer worry that it will lose its pristine beauty over time.

Flowers from corrugated paper outwardly very similar to living ones. But, unlike the latter, they do not dry out, do not lose their shape, one might say, they are stored forever. Such products are good for decorating the interior, creating bouquets, topiary and many other creative works. Therefore, let's not waste time and start mastering this skill.

Required materials

To make flowers from corrugated paper, you will need:

  • ordinary decorative corrugated paper of different shades (depending on what kind of flower you need to make);
  • scissors;
  • threads;
  • glue stick;
  • orange sticks or wire cutters;
  • simple pencil and ruler.


To make a rose, we need directly the paper itself, cut into strips 7-8 cm wide and about 40 cm long (note when you cut the strips so that the fibers run vertically). The length can be varied to your taste - the longer the strip of paper is, the more magnificent the flower itself will be.

Now let's talk about how to create curls directly on the bud. First you need to stretch the corrugated paper with your hands. After that, we proceed to the formation of curls. To understand how to do this, let's take a step-by-step process.

  1. Grab the right edge of the paper strip just above the middle and bend the top corner 90 degrees.
  2. Now grab the middle of the folded corner and make another fold with your index finger so that the folded edge forms a right angle again with the main paper strip.
  3. In the place of the formed overlap of two bends, we make a turn, that is, we wrap it like a candy wrapper, forming a coil.
  4. Next, we again make a bend at a right angle, and in the place of the overlap we form the next turn.

Adhering to this scheme, we fold the entire tape of corrugated paper. For the aesthetic appearance of the rose, you need to try to ensure that all bends are performed approximately at the same distance from each other.

To form the rose itself, you should roll the prepared paper into a loose roll, and we begin to wrap it inward from the edge from which we started to work. We squeeze the base into a fist, straighten the middle and firmly fix the bud with a thread.

Actually, this is how we make flowers from corrugated paper with our own hands in the form of roses in the amount that we need. And then, if you wish, you can prepare the stem and collect the bouquet, or leave the buds and put them into a composition.

The process of making flower stems is very simple. It is necessary to grease the sharp tip of an orange stick with glue and plant a bud on it. The stick itself with the base of the rose is wrapped in a spiral with a thin strip of green corrugated paper and decorated with pre-cut leaves.


Making tulips from corrugated paper is even easier, since the flower petals are created individually. For work, corrugated paper of three colors is required: two basic (yellow and green) and one to choose from (red, white, lilac, etc.).

Cut out a square with sides of 9 cm from the yellow cloth. Stretch it a little by hand and cut it into large "noodles" in the direction of the grain from one edge. We twist it into flagella, grease the whole edge with glue and carefully wrap it on an orange stick.

Now from a colored paper web (red, white or any other) we cut 6 rectangles 9 cm long and 4 cm wide and round each of them with scissors on one side. Using an ordinary crochet hook, we make small clips on the rounded edge, after which we stretch each rectangle slightly in the center. We get tulip petals.

Return to the orange stick with yellow flagella. We grease the base of the petals with glue and glue them to it one by one, forming a bud. How to do it correctly, the video instruction will tell you.

It remains to wrap the orange stick with a thin green strip of corrugated paper, fix it with glue, and glue the pre-made leaves for the flower.


Wildflowers like dandelions also found a place in the world of corrugated compositions. These cute yellow balls will delight the eye, just showing off in a flowerpot. We use corrugated paper in two colors - yellow and green.

Cut out a rectangle 22-25 cm long and 4 cm wide from yellow paper (the fibers are arranged vertically). Stretch it a little with our hands and fold it in half. Using scissors, cut the resulting tape along the bend side into small "noodles". We unfold the strip again, coat the whole edges with glue and press them together. Wrap it tightly on an orange stick and fix it with glue.

From a small piece of green corrugated paper, cut out a circle with a diameter of about 3-4 cm, fold it several times and make a cut in the center and cuts along the edges. We string it on a stick from below and glue it to the base of our flower, thus forming a cup with sepals.

Now we wind a thin strip of green corrugated paper in a spiral onto the stick itself, fix it with glue. We get the stalk. It remains to glue the leaves cut in advance according to the template to it and form a bouquet.

In fact, there is nothing difficult in the manufacture of flower arrangements from materials that are familiar at first glance. One has only to want, and everything will definitely work out.