How to make an arch in a doorway?.

There are many ways to personalize your interior. This includes creating arches. And although today this technique is widespread, the task of how to make an arch in a doorway sometimes causes some difficulties.

General information about arches

By themselves, they are quite a unique tool in the hands of a designer. Arches combine two opposite features - they help to unite different rooms, creating significant space, and at the same time delimit them, fix their functional purpose for each zone. An example of this is in the photo below.

Another, no less important feature of the arch will be its shape. There are a lot of them and some of them are shown in the figure.

These data in no way mean that the arch can only be like this. Its shape is determined by your imagination and the solution of the general task of interior decoration. It should be noted that whatever the arch is, it is best suited for rooms with high ceilings. The use of rounded planes and corners in low rooms can, on the contrary, create the illusion of decreasing space.

Options for the implementation of the arch

There are two main approaches to achieve the desired result:

  • giving the existing opening the desired shape through the use of external finishing elements;
  • a change in the opening, which will require a partial increase in its dimensions, both in height and width.

How to hammer walls to create an arch?

Perhaps this is the most radical way to get the desired result. It allows you to provide the opening with the required width and height or make the future arch of an unusual shape, for example, as shown in the photo:

Of course, the solution may not be so cardinal, sometimes it is enough to change only the upper part of the opening, giving it the desired look. To do this, you will have to use a hammer drill and drills.

First, you need to remove all trim from the doorway, including the door frame. Then you can start marking the future arch. Here, again, there is a choice - either to make a continuous opening from floor to ceiling and then cover part of it with decorative elements that will create an arch. Or, hollow out the wall only in the desired area, giving it the required shape. The complexity of the work in the second case will be less.

After marking with a perforator (if the walls are concrete or brick), holes are drilled along the contour at half the depth, then the same holes are made on the reverse side of the surface. After removing excess material, it remains only to process the ends of the walls, giving them an even look. The final stage will be the installation of platbands.

If the wall is made of wood, use a jigsaw.

Creating an arch by changing the shape of the opening

This is the simplest and most widespread method. In this case, there is no need to demolish the walls, it is enough just to change the shape of an existing opening. How? Make a drywall arch in the doorway. Or use another material that allows you to achieve the task. Some of these options are described below.

Option 1. Using drywall.

With this approach, the most important thing is to create a frame for its attachment. It is usually assembled from metal profiles or wooden blocks. The prepared frame is shown in the photo.

After assembling and installing it, you can mark drywall. For this, rectangular sheets are taken, the height of which is greater than the radius of the arch, and the width corresponds to the opening. With the help of a compass, template or improvised means, a semicircle is displayed. It remains to cut it out with a jigsaw and fix it on the frame.

The final step will be to seal the end of the arch. For these purposes, a piece of drywall is used, on which frequent cuts are made; the resulting fragments will be held by the paper on the opposite side. The resulting flexible plate must be attached to the arch with self-tapping screws. How the described work is performed is shown in the video:

Now it remains to process the seams, putty the joints and finish (including on the walls).

Option 2. Using plywood.

In this case, a pre-folded piece of plywood is placed in the opening, the width of which is equal to the width of the opening.

The ends of the sheet, abutting against the walls, must first be processed so that they fit snugly to the surface and form a whole with it. To facilitate working with plywood, it must first be moistened with water.


When the sheet is installed, it is fixed with self-tapping screws, and we get the desired arch profile.

The corners of the opening can be covered with drywall, or you can simply foam them. To reduce foam consumption, as well as to give the structure additional rigidity inside the free space, spacers can be fixed between the wall and the plywood.

Surplus foam is cut off, the resulting surface is putty, after which it will be ready for final finishing.

The use of the arch in interior design allows to give the room new properties. It is not difficult to make it on your own, for this it is enough to be able to use ordinary tools. From the materials, you will need drywall or plywood, self-tapping screws for fastening and a metal profile or bars to create a frame. And of course, you will need your desire, imagination and accuracy.