How to make a rose out of paper?.

Rosettes made of paper are an original and simple way to decorate any gift. Origami masters know how to create many delightful products from paper sheets. But it is worth noting that everyone can make beautiful flowers using this technique. In this article, we will look at how to make a paper rose.

Methods for making paper flowers

There are many different ways to create flowers using the origami technique. Some of them are available for beginners, others require a certain skill. But the more complicated the technique, the more realistic the rose looks in the end result. Nevertheless, you should not immediately take up complex schemes, otherwise, without understanding what is what, you will simply lose interest in this process. It is better to use simple tips on how to make a rose out of paper.

Roses from spirals

For making you need:

  • PVA glue;
  • colored double-sided paper;
  • scissors, pencil or pen.

The manufacturing process is not complicated at all. The first step is to take a sheet of colored paper of any color, draw a circle on it and cut it out. With a simple pencil, draw a spiral (with a large step) right from the center of the cut out figure. Next, we cut the paper along the drawn line, and then carefully fold the resulting spiral tape into a beautiful bud.

If it is difficult to twist the bud with your fingers, you can do it with a pencil, wrapping paper tightly around it. Without screwing to the end, the pencil must be pulled out in order to straighten the product, and at the very end, fix the edge of the paper tape with glue. You should also drip a little glue into the middle of the flower, this will allow you to securely hold it together.

Roses from paper strips

For the manufacture you need the same set of tools and materials as in the previous version. But the very principle of creating roses in this way is slightly different.

First, you need to cut a sheet of paper along its length into ribbons up to 1.5 cm wide. After that we form the center of the rose - we retreat from the edge of the strip about 5-7 cm and bend it (towards ourselves) at an angle 45 degrees. Around the resulting "leg" we make one turn with the free end of the tape. Further, gradually bending the strip every 1.5-2 cm (away from you) and winding it on the "leg", we form a bud. Having reached the end of the tape, fix the edge with glue. As you can see, a do-it-yourself paper rose is easy and simple.

The principle of creating such a flower from paper is similar to making it from fabric. Therefore, for those who know how to make roses from satin ribbons, the task is greatly facilitated.

Realistic rose from corrugated paper

This method of making a rose yourself is one of the most difficult. But the following step-by-step instructions will help you create a great realistic flower.

What is needed for manufacturing?

  • Corrugated paper of any color for the petals and green for the leaves;
  • PVA glue;
  • green duct tape (available at any flower shop);
  • scissors and wire.


  1. In order to make a rose from corrugated paper, you need to make blanks, so the first thing to do is cut 16-20 large petals in the shape of hearts and 4-6 small petals in the form of droplets. An important condition is that the fibers on the paper must be arranged vertically.
  2. Stretch the petals in breadth, and bend the upper edges with a regular knitting needle or a toothpick. Such actions will help make the future rose more lush and beautiful.
  3. Next, the rod (wire) must be wrapped with green adhesive tape. If this did not work out, then it is quite possible to get by with green corrugated paper, slightly greased with glue.
  4. ​​
  5. Now you should start attaching the petals to the stem. First, smaller petals (droplets) are attached with glue or adhesive tape, and then larger ones (in the form of hearts). The main thing is to glue them with an overlap to avoid voids.
  6. To make the rose look more realistic, cut out a sepal from paper and also glue it to the bottom of the bud.
  7. The last stage is the design of the stem with leaves made of green corrugated paper in advance.

Following the instructions and all the tips, everyone can easily make a flower out of paper, which can be presented to a loved one or to decorate a room with them.