How to make a kennel for a dog?

The dog is one of the few animals that is sincerely attached to humans. She is content with the very fact of communicating with the owner. There are many cases when a dog died after losing its owner. For such selfless devotion, four-legged friends are loved, fed and looked after, creating suitable living conditions for them. And if you often have to be outside the city, in the country, or you have a private house, then you should think about how to make a booth for a dog, thereby providing it with protection from external influences.

General remarks about a doghouse

For all its external simplicity, such a structure is not primitive. It can have different forms, examples of this are shown in the figure below. But in any case, when making it, one should be guided by the requirements of the functionality and convenience of a four-legged pet. It is worth noting that the place for the booth should be chosen quite quiet, where there are no constant winds, and away from the location of other animals.

The shape of the booth can be any, although here there are special preferences - it is better to make a kennel with a flat roof, dogs often use it as an observation post over their territory. The dimensions of the kennel are determined by the size of the animal. How they are related to the height, width and length of the structure, the figure makes it possible to understand:

Choosing the design of the booth, it is worth paying attention to the following points. The kennel is often made up of several sections. Their diagram is shown below.

One of them serves as a kind of vestibule, preventing the direct penetration of wind into the “warm room”. In this case, the above dimensions of the booth must be slightly increased by adding the area of ​​the vestibule to them. It is better to make the opening inside in the partition separating the rooms from each other closer to the back wall.

To create favorable conditions for your pet, the walls can be made insulated, in any case, this should be the floor. As insulation, foam or mineral wool is usually used. But what must be foreseen is a removable or reclining roof. It will allow cleaning, including, if necessary, disinfecting inside the booth. Or the evacuation of a pet in case of illness.

A drawing of the booth that meets most of these requirements is shown in the figure below.

How to make a booth

Most often, such structures are made independently, using for these purposes any material that remained after repair or has lost its presentation. Usually trim boards, lining and bars are used.

Now you can consider how to make a doghouse with your own hands. During its installation, direct contact of the floor with the ground is avoided, for which either special beams or supports acting as a foundation are used.

Based on them, an insulated floor is initially made, and then racks are vertically mounted on it, on top of which a strapping is performed: the roof will be held on it.

The resulting frame is insulated, sheathed with boards or OSB, impregnated with an antiseptic and treated with means that protect the wood from weathering. This is how you can make a dog booth. For more information about this, see the video:

With frequent trips to the country or permanent residence in a country house, you need to take care of the construction of a booth for a dog, if you, of course, have one. This is a fairly simple matter, and you can cope with it on your own if you have basic tools and skills in using them.