How to make a bun on short hair?

Hair pulled into a bun looks well-groomed and attractive. And not only long-haired girls are capable of boasting such a hairstyle. Even small strands can be styled elegantly, creating the illusion of volume. There are a lot of options on how to make a bun on short hair.

Bundle with fleece

In this case, any means for fixation will help to make a volumetric bundle. It should be applied to hair that is slightly damp after washing. After that, you need to dry your head with a hairdryer, and then collect all the strands in a tail.

At the next stage, bouffant is performed on the hair along the entire length. Then the hair must be divided into small strands. Their tips must be fixed in a circle at the base of the tail with invisible ones, ensuring that there are no gaps between the strands. Sprinkle the finished bunch with varnish.

Air Bun

To create this hairstyle, the curls must first be curled. And then, again, collect in the tail. If strands are knocked out from below, they must be pressed with additional invisible ones. The hair is again separated and fixed in parts around the elastic to fix the ponytail. The result will be a playful, curly bun that will look very cute on the head.

Bundle of "snails"

This is a version of an attractive and fun bun that is suitable for short hair. To create it, the hair must also be divided into an arbitrary number of strands, but at the same time the hair is not collected in a ponytail, but remains free. The strands are alternately twisted into neat flagella and, in a similar form, are fixed with invisibility or hairpins. The bundle of the resulting "snails" will look interesting and stylish.

Bundle with "donut"

A special elastic band or even a regular twisted sock with a cut off the leading edge will be an excellent accessory for creating a beautiful look. How to make a bun on short hair using such an accessory? To do this, the entire mass of hair is collected with an ordinary elastic band in a ponytail. Then a "donut" is put on it. The hair is spread over the donut to completely cover the subject.

Then another elastic is used to pull the strands at the base of the bundle. The ends of the hair sticking out from under the elastic will remain attached as close to the bundle as possible and secured with invisible ones. For greater effect, it is recommended to beautifully wrap the entire structure with a folded handkerchief or supplement with a hairpin. A chic bun is ready!

The video also demonstrates one way to create an attractive beam: