How to make a bouquet of toys with your own hands?

This bouquet does not require a vessel of water, and it is not threatened with wilting. A cheerful company of teddy bears, bunnies and other funny characters, sitting in a colorful frame, is able to cheer up even a passer-by who casts a fleeting glance at them... a bouquet of toys with your own hands, so that it is truly original? The only one in the world, unique and dear person I want to please with something special.

The components of the bouquet

You will need the simplest tools: a knife, scissors, pliers, as well as a needle and thin fishing line - to sew on beads and other decorative elements. A glue gun is helpful.


A sketch of the future bouquet is made in advance. Better to make it life-size. This makes it easier to calculate the number of toys, to decide what size and color they will be. And also choose the way of their attachment - on glue, on wire or on skewers. Most often, the same toys are selected for bouquets, but in the end it all depends on the author's intention and those ideas that come already in the process of creativity.

A step-by-step photo will help to make a basis for a bouquet, sufficiently strong and functional. You will need a piece of foam or expanded polystyrene about 10 cm thick (for example, from packaging for household appliances). A circle of such a diameter is cut out of it so that all the toys fit. The lower part is sharpened with a cone, a notch is made at the bottom where the handle will be attached - and the base for the bouquet is ready.

Many things are suitable for the handle: a piece of plastic pipe, a tightly rolled and taped magazine cover, etc. It is attached to the expanded polystyrene base with a glue gun. The second option (photo 1a) is to make a bag with a hole in the center out of thick paper. Pass the handle through the hole, fill the bag with polyurethane foam, wait for it to harden, then align.

Toys and decor

It's time to buy toys for the bouquet, as well as everything you need for decor. To begin with, it is recommended to go to the store, but if making this kind of crafts becomes a hobby, and then, quite likely, a business, then it is more profitable to make purchases at a wholesale base.

You can find small, attractive and inexpensive stuffed toys at the keychain department. A lot of useful things will be found in a specialized florist shop: mesh, felt, colored sisal, all sorts of fine little things. You may not have to go anywhere - there are pieces of organza, old lace and satin ribbons at home. Where the remnants of previous handicrafts are kept, there will certainly be something that will make the bouquet one of a kind.

There can be a lot of bears or other animals, but 5-7 pieces are enough for the first experiment. For example, wear medical caps if the surprise is intended for a doctor or a medical student. And for an inveterate fan - tie scarves to the animals in the colors of your favorite football club. Such a gift will cause a storm of positive emotions!

It is better to see once...

A master class on the video will help you to get acquainted with the process of making bouquets: a few minutes - and the plush fairy tale is ready!

And this is how, dexterously, Chinese craftswomen make bouquets of toys: