How to lighten eyebrow tattoo?

The fashion for crisp, contoured dark brows is slowly fading away. Now beauties strive for maximum naturalness. They often wonder how to lighten eyebrow tattooing. Such a necessity, alas, also happens with the victims of an inept master, who are forced to cover his art with thick bangs. Yes, removing tattoos is not easy, but do not despair: there are several ways, if not to bring the eyebrows to their original form, then at least to make them lighter. However, it must be remembered that the final appearance of the pigment takes a month and a half. Therefore, you should not panic immediately after leaving the salon, sometimes you just need to wait. If you are not satisfied with the shape or the tattoo goes beyond the contour, then there is no particular choice left.

Will the salon help?

For a quick and high-quality tattoo removal, you need to go to a salon. Usually they offer several methods. Among them is lightening with body pigment. It is injected under the skin by micro-injections over the tattoo. This method is less traumatic and usually does not cause complications. Its biggest drawback is that the eyebrows in the places where the pigment is applied will not tan and will be covered with spots under the sun.

A radical method - dissolving the pigment with a special acid. But in this way, it is not just easy to damage the skin, but very easy. This can lead to ugly scars. Such consequences are not excluded for those who dare to remove permanent makeup surgically. But these procedures are relatively inexpensive.

You can also try electrocoagulation - removal of pigment under the influence of current. But this will be followed by a long period of recovery and healing of the burns.

The most progressive and safe method at the moment is the laser method. The directional beam breaks the pigment into tiny particles, which are naturally excreted. It is practically painless and non-traumatic - there will be no scars and burns on the skin, only swelling after the sessions, which disappears in a few days. True, such tattoo removal is not cheap. For a good result, you need several sessions at intervals of about a week, during which you will have to protect your skin from the sun and, in general, from any irritation. And one session will lighten the eyebrows, if only a too dark color does not suit the tattoo.

Lightening with our own hands

Those who, after an unsuccessful tattoo, are horrified by the thought of a new trip to the salon, are invited to try to improve the situation themselves. But is it possible to lighten eyebrow tattoo at home? Of course, without hardware procedures, you can hardly expect complete removal of the pigment, but you shouldn't give up. For example, the sun's rays give a good effect. After prolonged sunbathing on the beach or several sessions in a solarium, the eyebrows will fade to an acceptable state. But you should not overdo it with a tan, so as not to harm the skin - everything is fine in moderation.

And yet, how to lighten the eyebrows after tattooing, minimally damaging both the hairs and the skin under them? Castor oil comes in handy here. It has long been known to be effective in improving hair growth. It turns out that it also brightens the pigment quite well. Of course, you will have to apply castor oil to your eyebrows every day for a long time, but this is a completely safe and even useful procedure.

Scrubbing of the skin also contributes to the removal of pigment. It will come out with exfoliated particles. And the new epidermis is formed without pigment. True, the proper effect can be achieved only with constant exfoliation, so it will take a long time to apply the scrubs.

How to lighten eyebrow tattoo at home and achieve the best result? Use the listed simple tools comprehensively and persistently. Then the pigment will become lighter, the hairs will be healthier and stronger. This means that their former beauty will return to the eyebrows.