How to leave a clan in World of Tanks (WoT)?.

Have you never participated in clan wars? You have lost a lot, because the clan gives the player many advantages. A community with a big name gives any gamer "solidity." For example, having seen a "red" in battle, beginners are ready to worship him and follow all his orders. In addition, by participating in battles on the Global Map, you can earn gold and unique tanks. So, for participating in the battles of the First Campaign, the players of the clans that took the top places received an American gift M60 tank. Following the results of the Second Campaign, the clans acquired the VK 72.01 (K), a German tier 10 heavy tank, which is a mixture of a sneaker chassis and a lion turret. But over time, playing in the clan gets boring, many players cannot observe the prime time, and some even want to leave the clan in order to join a new community. How to leave a clan in World of Tanks?

So, in order to leave the clan, you first need to go through authorization on the game portal, since there is no “Leave community” button in the World of Tanks client. Open the WoT website in a browser and click the "Login" button at the top of the screen.

Enter your account data, go through the authentication procedure on the "Wargaming" servers and on the new page in the menu of your personal account, click on the link "My clan".

Then find the link "Leave the clan", click on it and confirm your exit from the community. Please note that after clicking this button, you will not be able to join a new clan for 48 hours.

In the framework of the Third Campaign, which ends at the end of December 2014, players of clans that have entered the Walk of Fame will receive a new special Soviet-made tank "Object 907" as a prize. To get into the Alley, you need to earn Fame Points and be one of the top 30,000 clan players. In addition, for the first time, Wargaming allows you to independently choose a "gift". Players have the opportunity to choose between three gift tanks: the Soviet Tank Object 907, the German heavy VK 72.01 (K) and the American tank M60.

If you think that your clan is not able to break into the top of the clans, then immediately leave it and look for a new community. Instructions on how to leave a clan in WoT are presented above. True, if you have bad statistics or low efficiency (WN7, RE), you should not hope that you will find yourself in a good top clan. Increase your win rate, improve your accuracy, average damage and experience, and soon there will be no end of invitations to join the clan.