How to highlight hair at home?

Throughout the ages, beautiful hair was considered the property of a woman. However, early gray hair or dull natural color of the strands can significantly impair their appearance. Today, methods such as painting and highlighting are used to combat such problems. But if even a beginner can cope with the first one, then how to highlight hair at home? Let's try to understand the intricacies of this process.

What is highlighting?

Highlighting is the dyeing of individual strands in a color different from the main shade of the hair. You can dye any number of curls, make them in one or different shades, start up the color from the very roots, or simply paint over the ends. It all depends on hair length, hairstyle and personal preference.

Materials required for work:

  • a hat with special holes;
  • fine comb;
  • paint;
  • gloves;
  • a container for paint;
  • towel.

There are methods of staining using foil. If a special cap is not available, it can be replaced with cellophane or a shower cap.

Home highlighting hair up to 15 cm long with a cap

Put on a cap on your hair, cover your shoulders with a towel. Using a crochet or knitting needle, pull out fine strands at a specific frequency. If you need intense highlighting, then do it every three holes.

When the strands are ready, stir the dye in the required proportion with hydrogen peroxide. Apply to hair for 20 to 45 minutes. Rinse off the color and dry your hair to evaluate the result.

A video tutorial will help you to understand this hair coloring technique in more detail.

If some strands are not stained the way we would like, the procedure can be repeated in a few days. If you re-streak your hair on the same day, your hair condition may worsen.

Highlights with foil

How to highlight hair at home using foil? Start by covering your shoulders with a towel, and brush your forehead and temples with vegetable oil so as not to stain your skin. Use protective gloves. Cut the foil into strips of 25 cm each and make a fold on one side so that the dye does not get on the adjacent strands.

Prepare the dye, then divide the hair into strands. Now take a curl, place a foil under it so that the fold is at the base. Dye your hair all the way down. Cover the colored part with the free end of the foil. For the convenience of further work, you can twist the curls painted and wrapped in foil into bundles. Thus, continue to dye the remaining strands.

Wait about half an hour and wash off the paint without removing the foil. After that, take it out of your hair and repeat washing, but with shampoo and balm.

California highlighting

The main difference between California highlighting and conventional highlighting is that this method is more gentle. Neither foil nor cap is used, as can be seen from the photo. The strands are dyed in the air, elastic bands and hairpins are used to fix the hair. Several colors or shades of the dye are also taken.

With this method, the transition from the roots to the colored part of the hair is softer, smoother and more invisible. But in order to achieve this effect, all the work must be done very carefully.

Shatush highlighting

Shatush highlighting is another kind of gentle coloring. We apply this method for both short and long curls.

Divide your hair into multiple strands. At the base of each curl, do a bouffant. It is thanks to him that such an unusual color distribution is obtained. Apply the coloring compound to the combed strands and leave on for 25-30 minutes. You do not need to cover your hair with foil.

The method of highlighting depends on the length of the hair and the intensity of coloring that you want to achieve. It is necessary to follow all precautions and follow the instructions, to competently approach the process of choosing a paint and clarifier. If all these conditions are met, home highlighting will be no different from professional salon coloring.