How to get your wife's love back?

If you have a difficult period in your life: problems at work, health troubles, depression - any adequate woman will understand all these situations and will not require displays of love and attention at such times. However, such stages are still short-lived. Are you sure you have never misused your wife's patience or neglected her in vain?

Problems usually arise because a man is simply lazy to look after a woman who has already officially become a wife. Compliments, small pleasant gifts and tokens of attention, surprises - everything goes away, it is believed that the stage of romance has finally passed. Even public appearances are becoming rare. And what is the bottom line? The negative piggy bank is overflowing, while the units of attention and care, on the contrary, are getting smaller.

When this state of affairs becomes the norm, the wife's love simply dries up. Nothing feeds her, she looks like a flower that has ceased to be watered: it is foolish to expect that it will continue to bloom and delight the eye. The main thing for a woman's feelings is attention and care. Knowing this, it is easy to understand how to return the wife's love.

What to do to return love?

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to return love. However, if unforgivable offenses did not arise in the relationship (you did not cheat on each other, there were no insults, threats, assault, etc.), but simply the feelings of the spouse cooled down, then attention and care will help rekindle them again. Many men think that it is enough to give a large gift, a car or an apartment, for example, and the wife will be so happy that she will love again. As a reminder, women fall in love slowly and gradually. It doesn't matter if you win her heart for the second or tenth time, be patient.

There is another secret that the stronger sex does not know about: women do not evaluate the amount of money you spend, but the units of attention. It's simple: he gave flowers - plus one, helped bring groceries - plus one, turned on a romantic melody and invited me to dance right in the kitchen - plus one more. That is, if you begin to show care and attention to the little things, but every day, it will help to return your wife's love much faster than a purchased Mercedes. For men, this approach seems completely incomprehensible, but forgive the woman for her illogicality, because, by and large, you love her for being different from yourself.

Men and women often do not know well not only the peculiarities of each other's psychology, but also their own. Finally, I would like to highlight another little-known, but very useful fact: a man himself falls in love with a woman he cares about. Therefore, even if feelings in marriage have cooled on both sides and it seems that the easiest way is to get a divorce, try to show signs of attention and care to your wife. As a representative of the stronger sex, it will not be difficult for you to show will and for a while overcome the natural desire to leave everything as it is. Believe me, the efforts made will pay off a hundredfold, because you will not only return your wife's love, but you yourself will be able to again see in her the woman who once won your heart.