How to get rid of the bark beetle.

The bark beetle is one of the most dangerous parasites that destroy wood. Its length does not exceed 5.5 mm. As a rule, he attacks weakened trees, and with a large population, he begins to spoil everything, including the wooden elements of the house. These insects spend almost their entire life inside wood. Only females fly out to organize a new colony. Bark beetles can cause significant damage if you do not start fighting them when they are first detected. Therefore, the owners of country houses and garden plots need to know how to get rid of the bark beetle.

Fight against bark beetle in garden plots

The garden plot for the bark beetle is a small paradise. Here he can always find food for himself, and if necessary, move to a new "tasty" object. The main problem is that the insect destroys the tree from the inside. At the same time, it is not always possible to detect the parasite in a timely manner. The female, finding a suitable tree, bores the bark. Having reached the sap-conducting tissues, she makes a clutch of eggs. The larvae that appear begin to make tunnels, gradually spreading throughout the tree. As a result, the plant's metabolism is disturbed, and it begins to dry out.

Bark beetle larvae

Extermination of the bark beetle is not an easy task, since it is difficult to detect beetles at the initial stage of infection. The effectiveness of their destruction is achieved by certain actions and preparations that do not harm the tree.

Signs of the presence of a bark beetle are:

  • gum flow (the appearance of dried sap);
  • the presence of small particles resembling cereals;
  • the appearance of characteristic oval holes.

Injection. Injections can destroy parasites inside the trunk. For this, a special solution is taken, which can be bought on the market. The liquid is injected with a syringe through the holes made by the pest. The procedure is repeated 2-3 times.

You can also make holes with a small drill. Finally, all holes must be covered with garden mortar. Remember that an easier way to deal with the bark beetle is timely prevention.

Chemicals. There are a number of special substances that protect plants from pests. Trunks, branches and even leaves are completely covered with this solution. The seedlings are processed in early spring.

Biological insecticides can also be used for plant protection. Mature trees are covered with a protective barrier immediately after flowering. During this period, female bark beetles are most active. The processing is repeated after two weeks. When working with drugs, you must pay special attention to your safety. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions and carry out processing in compliance with personal protective measures.

Antiferomones are special substances that scare away beetles. They are quite effective, do not harm humans and are not toxic. This is one of the best options for beetle protection.

Timely cleaning. First of all, the bark beetle attacks weak trees, dry branches, chipped pieces of bark. If it didn't harm living plants, it could be considered an excellent deadwood cleaner.

Prune trees regularly. All old stumps, sawn branches and bark must be removed from the site, because they create ideal conditions for the living and reproduction of parasites.

Traps. The only drawback of this method is that the traps are effective only in large areas, from 10 hectares. For this, old wood is used, treated with special pheromones that attract insects. Then the bark beetles are destroyed along with the trap.

You can learn more about the dangers of bark beetles in the garden and methods of dealing with them from the following video:

Fighting bark beetles in the house and wooden furniture

The pest can enter the house in two ways: together with poor-quality, infected and untreated material or from nearby infected plants. To prevent contamination through building materials, purchase them from reliable, quality certified firms.

To prevent contamination from nearby trees, it is sufficient to regularly paint the surfaces of the wooden structure of the house. Having found small holes with small cereals, you urgently need to take measures to eliminate pests. Indeed, in just a few years, the bark beetle can destroy a wooden building.

Wood damaged by the bark beetle

How to get rid of the bark beetle in infected wooden structures? First of all, you need to determine the area of ​​the lesion. For this, any thin sharp instrument is used, for example, an awl. Pierce the damaged area - if the awl has entered a great depth, there is no point in saving the element. It must be cut out and then burned with the larvae.

If the affected area is not pierced, perform the following procedure:

A low-toxic drug is injected into the detected hole with a syringe. It is necessary to pump the solution several times, after absorbing the previous portion. Finally, after drying, the hole is covered with putty or garden mortar.

If there are many strokes on the surface, and the element has good strength, the pest should be destroyed by impregnating the entire surface. It is recommended to use used machine oil for this. Also, for injection into wood, the surface of which is undesirable to treat with chemically active preparations, you can use a mixture of turpentine and kerosene (in a ratio of 1: 3). It fills all the moves. After that, they need to be sealed with paraffin. When using various chemicals, the house will have to be left for several days.