How to get rid of red hair?

Beautiful, healthy hair is definitely a very important nuance in the image of every woman. And when the next staining does not give the expected result, and instead of the selected color, pronounced reddish shades appear, this becomes, albeit not a large-scale, but still a problem. Fortunately, everything is fixable: there are several solutions to get rid of red hair.

Remove redhead at home

Most often, reddishness on dark curls is manifested in cases where the previous staining was in red, copper or chestnut colors. In this case, you can resort to lightening the hair: the artificial pigment is destroyed by the action of hydrogen peroxide and washed out. Re-staining in the desired color is possible not earlier than after a week. It is important to remember that such a procedure violates the structure of the hair and in the future you will need special care for them.

Tinted shampoos and tonics are a temporary option in the fight against the red color of the strands. You can remove redheads using purple and green tones. For the best result, the tonic is added to the balm, which does not require rinsing, and applied to the curls after washing. This method is ideal until the next color.

Ash dyeing is considered to be an effective method of neutralizing red and copper strands. When choosing a different dye, it should be borne in mind that the shades of the paint should be darker than the previous one.

For blondes who encounter a reddish color during lightening, it is best to use tinted shampoos in blue, ash, silver, purple, as well as pearl and beige shades. The product is applied to the hair for the first time, keeping it for no more than five minutes, then washed off. Overexposure is undesirable, since there is a possibility of a strongly pronounced shade. If the procedure does not work, with repeated use of the shampoo, the time is increased to 15 minutes. Re-staining in "blond" can be carried out no earlier than two weeks later.

Having achieved the desired color, blondes need to remember that tap water containing chlorine can cause redheads to reappear. To preserve its color, it should be boiled before each wash and use special shampoos for light hair.

Folk methods of removing redheads

Many girls, after unsuccessful dyeing, rush to beauty salons. Here the masters know how to get rid of red hair using the washing method. It is, of course, very effective, but aggressive products harm the hair. Therefore, proven recipes for natural-based removers can be a good alternative.

Masks that help to remove reddish color

  • The crumb of rye bread is soaked in water until a gruel is formed. Then apply to hair, put on a shower cap or bag and cover with a towel. Withstand the mask for about two hours, then wash off.
  • Apply a mask of eggs, a spoonful of honey and olive oil to wet hair for 30 minutes. Such a mass removes yellowness well.
  • Lemon mask with the addition of vodka will not only lighten the hair, but also give it shine. The juice of squeezed 3-4 lemons is diluted with the same amount of vodka. Apply to hair, hold for 20 minutes, then wash off.
  • A kefir-based mask will lighten hair for a couple of tones. Take a glass of kefir, calendula tincture, three tablespoons of olive oil. The prepared mixture should be slightly warmed up and applied to dry hair with a sponge. Cover the head with a bag or rubber cap and wrap it well with a towel. Leave the mask for 1.5 hours, then rinse the strands with shampoo and distribute the balm over them.
  • Add a bottle of castor oil to a glass of olive oil, stir, heat slightly and apply to hair. Withstand no more than 30 minutes, rinse the curls with shampoo. This mask removes red tones well due to the properties of castor oil.

Applying masks on a natural basis, you can not only get rid of red strands, but also significantly improve your hair.