How to get rid of mice in a private house?.

Field mice are the scourge of almost all private houses. They are carriers of dangerous (in some cases even fatal) diseases for humans and domestic animals. They harm buildings, especially those that were built with the use of clay, and all kinds of property. In addition, rodents reproduce at a tremendous rate. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of mice in a private house as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Methods for removing rodents from living quarters:

  • get a cat;
  • mousetraps;
  • scarers;
  • glue and poisons;
  • folk methods;
  • professional disinfection.

Where to start breeding mice?

Mice are most active in the autumn period of the year, when the entire crop is harvested in the fields, and it is rapidly getting colder outside. In search of a warm home and food, the main stream of rodents rushes to cities and villages, where they will always find something to profit from with especially thrifty or not very neat owners.

Therefore, the following rules must be observed:

  • do not leave food in easily accessible places;
  • do not collect dirty dishes in the sink for a long time;
  • Pet food should be stored in closed containers;
  • The house must be in perfect order.

If there are holes made by mice, they must be carefully covered with a mortar of cement, sand and broken glass. It is better to plug up the places in the walls where the supply of utilities (heating, gas, water) is made with a steel kitchen scraper (see photo below), which will prevent the free movement of rodents throughout the premises.

The least costly ways to fight mice

In order not to spend money on the purchase of any means against rodents, you can try to get rid of them using the most ancient methods...


The classic way, in some cases even the smell of this pet can scare away rodents. It is best to start a cat, it will be much more active than a cat. Some argue that 3-color pets are more avid mouse hunters.


But this option is excluded if one of the owners is allergic to cat hair. In addition, it is not a fact that the pet will not sleep for days on end somewhere in a cozy corner.

Using mousetraps

The easiest way to get rid of mice in a private house, but often they just eat the bait, and the mousetrap does not work. Therefore, you need to charge it carefully so that it reacts even when a feather hits it. As bait, you can use cheese, bacon (it is better to fry it a little so that the smell is more intense), peanuts, and even oatmeal. If the rodents managed to breed, then it is unlikely that it will be possible to overfill them in this way.

Folk recipes

There are several ways that our great-grandfathers used:

  1. You can mix a solution of gypsum and flour in water and place small containers with the mixture near the minks rodents. The smell comes from her pleasant, so the mice will definitely enjoy a treat. As a result, everything that is eaten will simply freeze in the stomach, and the pests will die.

  2. The blackroot plant emits a strong and unpleasant smell, from which the rodents will hide in shelters and will not leave them, and if they come out to profit, then a mousetrap must wait for them near the mink with bait.

  3. In the habitats of rodents, you need to pour ordinary ash from the oven - they really do not like its smell, and small particles stick to their paws, which greatly complicates the process of movement.

  4. Around the house should be planted ordinary mint, the smell of which is disgusting to mice, and they bypass it.

Methods that require small financial investments

It is not always possible to take rodents out of the house for a long time with the help of improvised means, so folk recipes are replaced various poisons, devices, special glue and other tricks.

Installation of ultrasonic scarers

Recently, special devices that emit a low-frequency sound have been very popular, which is not an irritant to human hearing, but does not give rest to rodents... He drives the mice out of themselves (does not allow them to drink, eat, reproduce), and soon they simply leave the ill-fated place. This requires about a week of continuous action of the ultrasonic repeller.

But this device also negatively affects pets - decorative rats and mice, hamsters, guinea pigs. Cats, dogs and rabbits are indifferent to this sound, so the owner can be calm for them.


It may be necessary to use various poisons, the varieties of which are quite numerous. They are best mixed with grains, sugar and sunflower oil. But mice quickly adapt to new conditions of existence, therefore it is recommended from time to time (approximately after 2-4 months) to replace the agent with another.


Having bought a special glue, you need to put it on an ordinary cardboard and put it in the place where rodents are most common. Once in this trap, the mouse will firmly stick to the paper, but it will make an unpleasant squeak for a long time.

You can also resort to the services of deratization specialists who will professionally disinfect all premises. But this method is not cheap, and not every owner is able to afford to spend a considerable amount on rodent breeding.

There are many options to get rid of domestic pests, they can be combined in every possible way to completely destroy annoying rodents. And it is not necessary to use drastic measures - to invite disinfectants. You should experiment: some of the methods will definitely help you in the end.