How to get rid of facial hair permanently?

In the age of ideal beauty, it is completely unacceptable for women to have extra facial hair, even if it is a light fluff above the upper lip. Unfortunately, some girls suffer from excessive hairline and are forced to deal with this deficiency by all available methods. This article will focus on how to get rid of facial hair forever at home, so as not to spend money on expensive beautician services.

Causes of excess hair

Before choosing methods and means of getting rid of this problem, it is necessary to find out the exact reason that provoked the increased growth of unnecessary hairs on the face. The fact is that, depending on the result, homemade methods may simply be prohibited.

The main provocative factors include:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • heredity;
  • nationality;
  • taking certain medications.

Hormonal characteristics

  • Severe disruptions in the balance of hormones in the body, in particular an increase in the level of androgens, serve as an impetus for excess facial hair growth. The main androgen-dependent zones include the chin area, the area above the upper lip, and the line from the temple to the jaw. Long black hairs can also grow "in the male pattern" and on the body - on the thighs, buttocks, back, chest, lower abdomen. This phenomenon is called hirsutism. An examination is mandatory to establish the cause of the increased production of the hormone and to prescribe the appropriate treatment. It can be tumors, and poor adrenal glands, and constitutional features, and much more.
  • Hypertrichosis is characterized by the presence of excess body hair throughout the body, regardless of androgen levels. Unlike the previous ailment, it is found not only in the weaker sex. Here, too, an examination is necessary.
  • In women, after the end of menstruation, the production of estrogen slows down, therefore, an intensive growth of unwanted facial hair is possible.

Important! If it is 100% certain that facial hair is a consequence of a disease, in no case should you take any measures to remove it. Home methods and a trip to a beautician are excluded.

Other factors

  • Excess facial hair (and not only) can grow due to a woman's hereditary predisposition. For some, a few weeks will be enough, while others will have to work for six months. This recipe is very effective, but perseverance is the main driver of success in this case.

    Lemon-honey depilator

    Take the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey, previously melted in a water bath. A warm mixture is made and applied to the unwanted hair area. When such a mask has cooled, it is removed in one motion with a spatula.

    Sugar and egg depilatory

    Thoroughly mix 100 g of corn flour, egg white and a glass of sugar. The mask is applied to the area with excess hairs and allowed to dry. With a warm soft cloth, remove the remains of the mixture from the face.

    Chickpeas and turmeric

    A mask of chickpea flour will help get rid of hairiness on the face. To prepare it, take 100 g of this product, add 100 ml of milk, pour 1 small spoonful of turmeric and knead everything until a creamy substance is obtained. Then they lubricate the problem areas of the face with it and leave it to dry. Such a mask is washed off with a hard sponge against the growth of the hairline.

    Cedar resin

    The resin of Siberian cedar slows down and eventually completely stops hair growth. If you smear it on problem areas on the face, and then remove it with epilation strips, then all the extra "fur" will also be removed. After a couple of months of regular use of the resin, the hairs become noticeably thinner or disappear completely.

    Peppermint tea

    Peppermint is known for its ability to reduce the amount of male hormones in the body. If you drink mint tea regularly, you can slow down the growth of unnecessary hairs from the inside, as well as strengthen the nervous system. It is necessary to consume 1 glass of the drink a day for three months. The only contraindication is low blood pressure.

    5 prohibitions in the fight against facial hair

    Some procedures are simply prohibited, otherwise the hair will begin to grow with even greater intensity, and it will become impossible to get rid of them without professional hair removal.

    Here is a list of DON'T:

    1. Shave. This will make your hair thicker and thicker. A few years later, male spiky stubble is provided to such experimenters.
    2. Pull out with tweezers or epilator. Very often, inflammation remains on the face, and the hairs begin to grow in. Not a pleasant sight.
    3. Apply wax strips. The effect is the same as in the previous case.
    4. Use products such as iodine and walnut. Although many books and articles advise just such methods, most women speak extremely negatively about them. Iodine easily burns the skin, and purple-purple traces remain from the walnut, which cannot be wiped off for 10-12 days.
    5. Apply a greasy cream to the face. It nourishes the hair follicles well, and they enhance their growth.

    There are no hopeless situations. If none of the above tips suits a woman, then you should visit the endocrinologist and beauty parlor again. It is likely that if you have dark, thick facial hair, taking medication and some type of hair removal will be more effective.