How to get rid of advertising on the Internet.

Online advertising is the main source of income for website owners. In terms of effectiveness, it surpasses all other types of advertisements, but given that there are no general ethical standards regarding advertising on the Web, it is not uncommon for websites to display obscene advertisements. All of these popunder clickanders interfere with normal internet surfing. How to get rid of advertising on the Internet and do it without harming your computer?

Advertising can be different: good and bad, aggressive and unobtrusive. But in any case, it prevents the user from looking for useful information on the Web. In fact, bulky ads slow down the loading of sites, and when you open certain sites, tabs with pornographic ads come out. Such advertising, most likely, will not affect the psyche of an adult, but it can have a negative impact on children and adolescents. Moreover, the younger members of the family are more trusting, and aggressive advertising most often tries to impose any services or goods on them.

There are several ways to get rid of advertising on the Internet:

  • using special blocking programs,
  • using plugins for browsers,
  • using a browser Opera AC.

Ad blockers for Windows

There are many programs on the Internet to block pop-ups and advertisements when visiting sites. The most popular among them is Adguard. It is better to download it from the official site -

This utility allows you to block any Internet advertising on the browser pages, works with all popular browsers including IE, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. In addition to the ad block, it blocks rich media, video ads, pop-ups, and porn banners. On top of that, page loading speed improves and Internet traffic is saved.

The program is specially designed for Runet, and after installation it does not require any settings. Its only drawback is that it is paid. The trial period is 2 weeks, after which the program will offer to purchase it. The price of an Adguard license for a year will be 199 rubles. Perhaps this is a small amount to get rid of annoying ads.

Working with Adguard is described in detail in this video:

Browser extensions

For those who do not want to pay for software, there is a free analogue of the Adguard program, only in the form browser plugin. Adblock Plus is an interesting browser extension that allows you to block ads on most sites. In addition, you can upload your own blocking rules if the user does not want to see certain elements on any site. You can download Adblock Plus here - (each browser has its own extension).

However, in addition to this extension, there are many more plugins for browsers. For example, if you ask “adblock” in the Google Chrome online store search, a large number of plugins will be displayed. You can go to the store with this request at:

Opera AC browser

Experienced users have probably heard of the Opera AC browser. Opera advanced configuration - a browser with a bunch of additional options, chips and, most importantly, a built-in ad blocker. This browser is built on the basis of the usual Opera, and you can download it from the official website

For example, this is how a site with advertising looks like:

And this is how the Opera AC browser looks like:

If you do not know how to get rid of advertisements on the Internet that require sending SMS, then any of the above methods will help you, because they block almost all banners and pop-up windows. Good luck and less advertising on the Internet!