How to get a temporary tattoo at home?

Every woman wants to stand out from the crowd: in the summer at the beach, at a party or at a party. It doesn't matter what outfit she chose, the main thing is to have a distinctive feature, a kind of zest. A tattoo is a good way to attract attention and change the image, but not everyone wants to wear such beauty on their skin for the rest of their lives. That is why some ways have been invented on how to make a temporary tattoo at home without consequences.

Tattoo with eyeliner

It is not at all necessary to buy henna or other products used at home and in salons. It is enough to have a few simple accessories on hand.

What do you need?

  1. Alcohol or liquid containing alcohol.
  2. Hydrogen peroxide.
  3. Baby powder.
  4. Marker or pen with carbon paper.
  5. Powder brush.
  6. Bold eyeliner.

Application technique

First, the skin on the selected area of ​​the body is degreased with alcohol. Then the required drawing is drawn with a felt-tip pen. This can be done with a regular ballpoint pen and carbon paper. A drawing is applied to it, and then with this part the carbon copy is pressed against the body and covered with a damp cloth. Now you can circle the resulting pattern with a bold eyeliner and then cover with powder. A brush is brushed off all unnecessary, and the treated area is wiped with hydrogen peroxide. It is worth waiting a little, and then rinse off the peroxide with water. Such beauty will last no more than 3-4 days.

Dry henna tattoo, or biotatu

This body art is easy to apply and inexpensive working material. It usually lasts a week or so, and then gradually rinses off. It is worth remembering that reapplying the pattern to the same area is prohibited, as this can cause skin burns.

What do you need?

  1. Alcohol or liquid containing alcohol.
  2. A thin wooden stick.
  3. A glass or small jar.
  4. Water without chlorine.
  5. Pipette.
  6. Dry henna for body painting (bought at any cosmetic store).
  7. Fine brush.
  8. Stencils or felt-tip pen.

Application technique

Before starting work, you must remember that diluted henna is used once, all residues must be disposed of! The consistency of the finished mixture should resemble thick sour cream. When the container is turned over, it does not flow out of it.

So, henna is kneaded in a prepared glass container. A few grams of dry powder is diluted with water from a pipette. If the mass turns out to be unsuitable density, it is allowed to add a portion of the dye or liquid.

The selected area of ​​the body is rubbed with alcohol or vodka to degrease the skin. A stencil is glued to the dried surface or a pattern is drawn with a felt-tip pen. Henna is applied over it with a brush or wooden stick. If a brighter pattern is desired, then the substance is placed with an elevation. The stencil is now peeling off (if used). All this dries for no more than an hour, and then the remains are removed with the same tools.

The greatest brightness will appear in a day. It is advisable not to wash the tattooed area within 24 hours.


  • For the convenience of applying henna, it is better to purchase tubes with a tapered nozzle, from which it is much easier to squeeze out the required amount of substance.
  • Brown henna stays on the body for up to 2 weeks. But on the first day, it can give a bright orange pattern. This fact must be taken into account if it is the color that is important.
  • Some experts advise not only to degrease the skin before work, but also to scrub, removing dead skin cells and scales.
  • To brighten the design, you can rub the resulting masterpiece with eucalyptus or olive oil.
  • ​​

Tattoo with jagua gel and stencil on an adhesive base

This pattern is no less durable, but remember that visiting a pool with chlorinated water will wash it off. The brightness is finally manifested after two days.

What do you need?

  1. Alcohol or liquid containing alcohol.
  2. A tube of jagua gel.
  3. Adhesive stencil.
  4. Wooden stick.

Application technique

After degreasing the skin with alcohol, a stencil with a pattern is glued to the selected area of ​​the body. The gel is evenly squeezed out of the tube and distributed with a stick over the entire free space of the pattern. The nose of the bottle must be wiped clean and tightly closed so that excess moisture does not get there. Then everything should dry out. There is no need to artificially speed up this process, otherwise the tattoo will appear badly. Now the stencil and dry remains of the gel are removed with a stick.

Glitter Tattoo

The image on the skin applied in this way can be brightened with glitter glue. This process is somewhat more complicated than the previous ones and requires utmost care, but the tattoo lasts for a long time.

What do you need?

  1. Alcohol or liquid containing alcohol.
  2. Stencil with a picture.
  3. Glue and glitter.
  4. Coloring pigment.
  5. Powder brush.
  6. Fine brush.
  7. Napkin.
  8. The wand.

Application technique

A stencil is glued onto the surface of the skin treated with alcohol and its protective film is removed. Now you need to apply a special transparent glue to the drawing. This is done from the edge to the center, since the substance is quite liquid and can drain. You need to wait a bit until it becomes transparent. Take dry pigment and apply over the pattern. The remains are brushed off the skin with a brush. The stencil is removed and the entire area around is wiped with a damp cloth. Next, you can draw details, for example, the eyes and antennae of a cat. This requires the same glue and a thin brush. When the substance has become transparent, sparkles are applied. The remains are brushed off with a napkin. A second coat of glitter is acceptable if more shine is needed.

Other methods include tattoo "translators", which everyone used in childhood, and aerotat. Both methods have no long-term effect. The drawing is washed off in a few days. The latter is distinguished by the use of a special device - an airbrush, and spray paints poured into this device. The tattoo is made through a stencil.

This unit is also used for professional neat makeup. Therefore, its acquisition is not so useless and justifies itself.