How to get a guy's trust back?

In your destiny, everything turned out so that you lost the trust of a loved one? The main thing to remember is - do not hesitate, you need to solve this problem quickly. Otherwise, it may be too late: the beloved will cross the psychological line beyond which your reconciliation mission will become impossible. How to get a guy's trust back? Much depends on the reason for the loss of trust. But there are some recommendations that are simply necessary and obligatory for those who want to fix everything.

What to do?

The first thing to do is to calm down and understand yourself.

  • Understand that you cannot change an adult. And if it came to a break, then you must understand that he is not able to accept you for who you are. Are you ready to change your behavior for the sake of it, and do you need it? Sometimes the guy is completely right (for example, he opposes the fact that his chosen one, the mother of his future children, drank beer, smoked and swore). But if he puts forward demands that you consider unacceptable for yourself, then you must say so bluntly and be ready for a final separation.
  • If you nevertheless decide to fight for your beloved, then let the guy leave without screaming, scandals and stormy scenes. And start changing in yourself that which does not suit him.
  • After permanently eliminating the cause of the conflict, inform the guy about the changes in your life. It is better to do it unobtrusively, in passing. Ideally, if he learns about it from other people, and not from you. For example, a mutual friend will tell him that you no longer smoke or go to nightclubs (if this was the reason for your conflict).

After waiting a few days for him to digest this information, arrange a "chance meeting." If this scenario does not work, just call and ask for help in some "male" business. For example, hang up a chandelier, set up a computer, or talk to a neighbor's bully.

Tip # 1. Take action now!

Immediately inform your boyfriend of your remorse. "Even a sharp sword does not cut a guilty head," says popular wisdom. The guy is offended, he avoids you, does not pick up the phone when you call? Then send him an SMS, an e-mail, a message from your page on a social network, etc. (but not all at once).

You can sign the postcard and insert it into the door. This method is suitable if only you are sure that your ill-wisher, who lives with the dear in the same apartment, will not take the message. This could be a potential mother-in-law who does not recognize you as a worthy match for her son. Or a little sister who is jealous that her brother devotes all his time to you, and not to communicate with her.

Council number 2. Pay attention!

It is easier for men in such cases. Perhaps the reason for the deception was the fear that you will be misunderstood? Promise to trust your loved one more and in the future to share with him important things and information about events that may be misinterpreted by him if he learns about it not from you, but from other people.

The main idea of ​​this conversation should be that you understood how wrong you were, and that there will never be such "mistakes" from you again. And, of course, you will have to keep your word, otherwise he will no longer respect you, and if a similar situation repeats, a complete rupture will be inevitable. No need for long conversations (men hate detailed conversations about feelings), be short and clear about everything.

Happiness to you!