How to get a girlfriend back after breaking up?

It so happens that a relationship that seems to have ended again and again reminds of itself. Representatives of both the weak and the strong half of humanity may find themselves in a similar situation. This article will discuss how to get a girl back after a breakup. This is not an easy task, because at some point in time, both partners decided to part ways. The decisive factor in reconciliation will be the cause of the gap.


  1. The first and most important point in the matter of reuniting with a girl should be a serious analysis of the situation. It is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, understand the objective reason for the separation and find out why there was a desire to resume the relationship. After that, you need to clearly answer yourself to the question: "Do I really want to return it?"
  2. Humiliation in the form of requests and entreaties to start all over again will not lead to anything good. Most likely, such a strategy will only make the distance even greater and push the girl away. And "mountains of gold" in words is an empty phrase! Actions and deeds will be more effective.
  3. Some pause is required. Both partners need to consider and rethink the situation. Reckless steps taken in a fit of emotion will only harm an already fragile relationship.
  4. Control over emotions and feelings should be a priority. Those who endlessly blame the girl for all the troubles are mistaken, not paying attention to their shortcomings. If the resentment remains, even somewhere deep in the soul, then it still will not allow building normal relations, continuing to escalate the situation.
  5. After the decision on the need to reunite with the girl is finally made, you should proceed to specific actions. For a start, it would be nice to make the lady of the heart a pleasant surprise, for example, to give a bouquet of her favorite flowers.
  6. The next step should be a meeting. A romantic date in a cozy cafe or where the couple often met before parting will create the perfect atmosphere for a sincere conversation.

A girl should feel that she is loved and desired, only then can she forget past grievances and decide on a new stage in a relationship with a man.

Psychological aspect

From the point of view of psychology, in order to return a beloved girl after a breakup, it is important to understand the cause of what happened once.

Each couple is different, and the reasons for separation are also varied, but psychologists specializing in gender relations have identified a number of main reasons why partners decide to break up.

Reason number 1. Excessive authoritarianism of men. Nature has made men stronger than women. This is true, but only in moderation. The suppression of a girl by a man, up to such situations when her word has no weight at all in the conversation, sooner or later leads to the fact that she no longer wants to maintain such "leadership" and leaves her partner.

Reason number 2. Attacks of jealousy. A moderate share of such a feeling, of course, will not harm the relationship, but excessive jealousy that takes pathological forms is, first of all, a sign of a man's self-doubt.

Reason # 3. Women's whims. Girls often show self-will and often demand that men fulfill all their desires, and moreover, momentarily. Of course, it is necessary to pamper your beloved, but within reasonable limits. If a guy constantly indulges a girl in all her whims, then by doing so he shows his weakness, and this is unacceptable in a relationship! A real man is one who has his own firm position in life.

Reason # 4. The beloved has another man. It so happens that a girl leaves for another, perhaps having met true love. This situation must be accepted. In this case, it makes no sense to poison her life with unnecessary attention and persuasion.

Psychologists have come to the conclusion that a modern woman is looking for the role of her partner for a confident, strong person who will become a real support for her. And conflicts and clashes are an integral part of gender relations, as a result of which people get the opportunity to see their soul mate from a new side.

How to return a girl after parting, if she does not want to

If a man dreams of returning a girl after parting, this does not mean that his desire is always mutual. Perhaps the fairer sex found herself another or simply fell out of love.

In this case, it is worth trying to make an attempt to return her in the following ways:

  1. Do not sort things out through violent and overly emotional conflicts. Reproaches and threats in this case are completely inappropriate. They will only cause the opposite effect. Any contact must take place within a reasonable framework with understanding and respect.
  2. Don't press on pity. This is not only humiliating, but also emphasizes weakness, which is unacceptable for a real man.
  3. It is better to build relationships in the mainstream of companionship. It is not worth repeating to her about your boundless love day and night. It's exhausting and extremely intrusive.
  4. Connect the nearest environment to the solution of the problem. Find out from parents, girlfriends and mutual acquaintances the reason for the cooling of feelings on the part of the girl, find out her intentions and think about possible measures for reunification.

Relationships between men and women are complex and diverse. Only people who truly love each other are able to survive all difficulties and create a harmonious couple!