How to find out who caused the damage?

Sometimes it is not enough just to remove the damage, because the pest tries to do evil again and again. To stop an enemy, you need to have an idea of ​​his weak points. But how do you know who caused the damage, even if there are no assumptions about anyone's account? There are plenty of ways, and most importantly, even a layman will be able to recognize his enemy.

Ways to call the culprit of corruption

As a rule, in most cases, the ill-wisher manifests itself some time after the start of the opposition, that is, after the ceremony to remove damage, the negative leaves the victim, but it does not dissolve in space and does not melt in the air, but goes straight to the original link in this magic chain. In this case, the customer has a hard time, because at the moment of contact with him, a clot of negative energy is gaining great strength and hits very painfully. Usually the legs themselves carry the enemy to their victim, as well as the criminal to the scene of the crime.

The important thing here is not to feed it. Any attempts to interact should be thwarted. The one who has been spoiled will himself understand by the behavior of the other who exactly annoyed him.

Is there any corruption?

But before starting defensive actions, it is worth finding out if magic is involved in any negative events. How do you know if damage is directed at a person?

  1. Pay attention to the eyes. The appearance of white dots in the pupils indicates the presence of magical effects.
  2. Anneal salt in a frying pan and read "Our Father". If it turns black, then damage is present.
  3. They roll the whole body and head with a chicken egg, while reading "Living in Help". Then they break it up and watch the contents. If there are bloody spots or, even worse, the egg turns out to be rotten, then the strong negative has definitely pierced the victim's energy field.

For diagnosis, it is sufficient to use two methods of detecting damage. If the results are positive, they begin to defend and defend.

Rite of passage with a candle

There are cunning pests who put a shield against a return blow, redirecting all the negative by certain conspiracies to an animal, tree or other person. You will have to get to such people with special rituals.

The simplest is the ritual with a candle in a glass. They take a thin church candle and put it in a faceted glass filled with water to the middle. They light the fuse and begin to read the plot through an open door or window. It is advisable to do this at night at witch hour - from 3 in the morning until the first crow of the rooster. As soon as the candle began to dim from the water, they immediately stop the ritual and silently go to bed, having previously hidden all the attributes of the ritual in a place where no one will climb and find them. Here are the words of the invocation:

Until the sinner repents,

My candle will toil.


appear on the threshold And repent of all his atrocities.


You should be attentive during the week to anyone who behaves unusually during this period. It is not at all necessary that the enemy will come and ask for forgiveness. As a rule, in such situations, the customer of damage becomes unnecessarily intrusive in relation to the victim, makes ridiculous requests, such as borrow salt or bread, tries to contact the object of his sabotage at least verbally. Some show unprecedented persistence to somehow get in touch with a resisting person.

If there was a meeting with the culprit of the atrocities, one should not enter into a dialogue with him, give him something and generally interact even verbally. He needs to cut off all the ways to approach the victim, thereby not giving recharge.

Prophetic dream

If the proposed method turned out to be weak and the enemy did not show itself, then there are other methods for calculating the villain, for example, a prophetic dream. With its help, it is easy to find out, if damaged, your secret spiteful critic. On the eve of any holy holiday, before going to bed, they read a special conspiracy that helps to see the culprit through a dream. Here are his words:

I go to bed and want to know,

Who has brought damage, who is my pest,

Through sleep and great power

I will master everything secret and hidden.

Nothing gets in my way.

Show yourself to me, the face of the enemy.

Lips, teeth, key, lock. Amen.

The main thing is not to touch your head with your hands when you wake up. They don't tell anyone what they see. Men order prophetic dreams on men's days - on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. Women are allocated for this Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. It is better never to desecrate Sunday with magic rituals.

After the enemy has become known, they carry out a rite of removing the corruption and then put on themselves and their family protection.