How to find out if there is damage on a person?

The thought of spoilage occurs when the quality of a person's life suddenly deteriorates, and troubles come literally one after another. If you constantly feel a lack of physical strength, often numbness, weakness, inhibition of thoughts and actions, then it is necessary to look for the cause of such a strange state. And do not neglect esoteric knowledge. There is a lot of information on how to find out if a person has damage.

What is spoilage?

However, first, let's define the meaning of this term. Many dictionaries interpret damage as a deliberately inflicted evil. It can cause physical and spiritual suffering, illness, scandals, death. Psychics and magicians emphasize that the depressive states of a person, which are often confused with damage, are only one of the types of ailments called grief.

If earlier the secret of such evil intentions of various sorcerers and evil forces was carefully hidden, because it was owned by a limited number of "initiates", now magical "experiments" have become the hobby of many hostile creatures.

Symptoms of spoilage

The answer to the question of how to find out if a person has been spoiled is possible with the help of symptoms indicating the presence of a magical program of influence. Professionals call these:

  • Insomnia, terrible dreams, recurring nightmares.
  • Nervous tension, bad feelings, mental anxiety, fear.
  • Lack of an accurate and intelligible diagnosis of a person's condition by specialist doctors.
  • Ineffective treatment of diseases.
  • Sudden change of mood, blues, revision of relations with loved ones, distrust of everyone.
  • Lack of luck, deterioration of relations with relatives and colleagues.
  • The sudden appearance of very dubious acquaintances and friends.
  • Falling self-esteem, development of complexes.
  • Monetary and financial problems, deceptions, thefts.
  • Loss of spiritual values.
  • Painful heaviness in the shoulders and chest.
  • Complaints of headaches, weakness, dizziness, loss of strength.
  • Pets change their form of behavior, experience fear.
  • Frequent domestic injuries.
  • Lack of desire to live.
  • The appearance of unusual objects in the house, testifying to divination.
  • Fear of sunlight, unwillingness to contact people around, isolation.
  • Sensation of unpleasant odors of unknown origin.
  • Apathy, depression.
  • Purge of the eyes, the appearance of a feeling of dryness and a foreign body in them.
  • Very rapid decay of teeth.

You should be aware that there are different types of spoilage. Some have a visible shape, others - hidden, which is very difficult to remove. The latter is able to identify and eliminate not every magician or healer.

Simple methods for determining spoilage

There are several proven rituals that provide an opportunity to independently confirm or refute suspicions of spoilage.

Self-diagnosis method

A simple table is created with the following column names: time, place, people, reaction, sleep. They carefully record all the unusual information that happens to a person at a certain period of time, and is analyzed. The symptoms of spoilage develop with increasing force and aggravate the condition of the victim. If suspicions of damage are confirmed, it is necessary to find an experienced psychic specialist in order to get rid of the magical program.

With the help of a gold ring

On a cleanly washed cheek, you need to make several stripes with a gold ring. If spoiled, the stripes will darken.

Using an egg

Break a fresh egg into a glass vessel filled with cold water without damaging the yolk. Lower the head to the chin, and put a glass with an egg on the crown of the head. Keep it on for a few minutes. Cross yourself from head to foot, holding the vessel in your hands. Close the vessel and leave at the head of the bed overnight. If the next morning a whole yolk remains surrounded by protein, and the water does not become cloudy, there is no spoilage. Otherwise, we can talk about magic.

Using the pin

Secretly pin the pin to the inside of the garment at the heart. The top of the stud should be pointing down or vice versa, but not otherwise. Fastening a pin to clothing is accompanied by a prayer of protection. If the pin is lost or unbuttoned, damage may be suspected.

Using a match

The burnt match is broken into three parts and thrown into a vessel with water. If after a couple of minutes its fragments are at the bottom, the presence of the evil eye is likely.

It should be remembered that the Christian faith considers the recognition of corruption to be a sin of superstition, and seeking help from magicians is the sin of witchcraft. The priests emphasize that no witchcraft is afraid of a believing Christian.