How to dye suede shoes?

The problem of choosing shoes is perplexing to many people. The issue of durability is far from the last. The cost of products depends on the quality of the material. Of course, leather is the most popular because it is durable, lasts a long time, does not create the effect of a sauna for the feet, as, for example, an artificial substitute does. But suede remains a dream of everyone. It is not just an indicator of social status, but a very comfortable and easy to wear material. It is a pity that it loses its presentation very quickly. How to dye your suede shoes to keep your favorite pair of shoes or boots intact?

Where to go?

Usually the color of the item is a problem. If it is far from the standard black or brown, then it is better, no doubt, to take your shoes to a special dry cleaner. True, it is not everywhere and it does its job well.

The hardest part will be in the case of repainting shoes or boots in a completely different color. Here, we are not talking about a home option either.

Choice of means

This question arises before anyone who decided to refresh suede shoes on their own. It is better to get advice from a repair shop or a store that sells various care products.

It is important to pay attention to a number of criteria:

  1. Purpose. An inexperienced person can easily confuse a paint for suede with one that is used for leather.
  2. Fortitude. There is a whole range of different products that can be used to easily correct the original color of the shoe. Naturally, with knocked down noses or the presence of spots, they will not save. Some paints themselves are of poor quality and can shed at the least appropriate moment.
  3. Manufacturer. Good reviews of Italian remedies. Perhaps there are others that are just as good. You just need expert advice so as not to get into trouble.

What media are popular?

The manufacture of suede shoes provides many ways to tidy them up. Often in the store or on the market you can find sprays, liquid paints, restorative balms and others. The indisputable leaders should be called the first, since they are easy to operate and do not require additional skills. In all other cases, skill, attentiveness and accuracy are needed.

Preparation of suede

Whichever method of dyeing is chosen, it is used exclusively on cleaned shoes. To do this, you need to perform several actions:

  • use a special brush, which will remove excess dust and ruffle the fibers;
  • if there is a lot of dirt, then it is easy to remove it with a mixture of water and alcohol, taken in a ratio of 4: 1;
  • oily stains can be removed well with talcum powder;
  • After all, the shoes should be thoroughly rubbed with a cloth and held over steam so that the material becomes soft and the paint adheres better.

Painting suede shoes

If the preparatory stage did not cause problems, then you need to proceed directly to the procedure itself - refreshing the color. How to dye suede shoes so as not to get everything around and to complete the main task? To do this, having prepared the required product, you need to take several steps.

  1. If spray is used:
    • it is important to ensure good ventilation of the room;
    • the floor should be covered with cellophane wrap or old newspapers;
    • a protective mask must be worn to prevent breathing of the agent;
    • it should be applied at a distance of 20 cm from the surface of the shoe, spraying evenly (each layer should dry well).
  2. For liquid paint, it is enough to press the foam sponge to the shoes or boots and distribute it thoroughly. More attention and accuracy will be needed here.
  3. Wool dye will require a few more manipulations:
    • dilute the specified agent in 1.5 liters of purified warm water and add as much table vinegar as indicated on the label;
    • with the resulting composition, it is necessary to process a pair of shoes several times; each layer must dry;
    • The last time it should be wiped with a weak vinegar solution, and then washed off with water;
    • At the end of the procedure, the shoes should be well dried.

The dyeing of suede shoes has some nuances. If you follow them strictly, then your favorite pair of shoes or boots can be freshened up, and they will last a long time.