How to dye a beard?

  • Then strictly follow the instructions that come with the dye.
  • To avoid irritation on the face, lubricate the exposed skin around the beard with petroleum jelly or baby soap.
  • Apply paint to the beard with a brush, wait for the time indicated on the insert and rinse thoroughly.
  • If the desired result is not obtained, repeat the procedure in fifteen minutes.
  • Remaining product can be used for weekly touch-ups. Even in pharmacies, a special pencil is sold, with which you can retouch gray hair at any convenient time. Those wishing to get lighter from dark vegetation will have to use a clarifier, and only then paint in the desired color. When dyeing gray hair, remember that light shades are selected for them. This is due to the property of gray hair after applying paint to acquire a darker tone.

    Of course, dyeing a beard is not as easy as it seems. But after all, women have learned to change hair color at home, which means that men can do such manipulations!