How to download videos from Yandex to your computer.

In the era of fast Internet, many people prefer to watch videos on the Web without downloading them to their computer. There are many video hosting sites, among which the most popular are Youtube and Yandex. Video. Thousands of gigabytes of videos are uploaded every day by internet users. And all this is available with one click of the mouse.

But what if you decided to download the video to your PC and show it to your friends on your smartphone or tablet? Anyway, are you planning to save the video for later viewing? How to download videos from Yandex to your computer in the easiest way?

Various ways to save videos on a PC

Basically, There are four ways to solve the issue of downloading a video from the Web:

  • using the Download Master,
  • thanks to sever programs,
  • using extensions (plugins) for the browser,
  • using special services.

The first three methods require the installation of additional software on the PC. As for special services, you can download a video from Yandex in a few clicks.

Save videos from Yandex using Download Master

Download Master is perhaps the most popular downloader that supports multithreading, automatic download continuation when the connection is lost, and much more. Moreover, most users already have this bootloader available. If you do not have Download Master, then using the search engine we find the installation file and install the program on the PC.

Next, go to Yandex. Video and select any video you like that you want to download.

Right-click on the video and click "Copy link / Copy url-video".

Open the Download Master and click on the "Add" button at the top.

The program automatically picks up the link copied to the clipboard and offers “Start download”. We click on this button and wait for the download process to finish.

Downloading videos from Yandex using services

There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to save a video from a video hosting service. But the most popular and effective service is SaveFrom. Net, which, in addition to downloading videos from Yandex, allows you to save videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting sites.

First of all, we open the site Paste the copied link of the desired video and click on the "Download" button.

After a few seconds, a list of available extensions and bitrates will open. Choose what you like and click on the file extension.

After a couple of seconds, the file will start downloading (in Google Chrome), or the browser will offer to save the video to a folder.

The use of severs when downloading videos

For the convenience of millions of users, the developers have come up with special programs called seivers (from the English save - "save", "save"). These programs make life easier for users who download files from video hosting sites every day.

For example, DownloadHelper is very popular among savers. It automatically integrates into your browser, be it Opera, Chrome or Firefox. After you launch the video, DownloadHelper recognizes it and automatically gives you a link where you can save the video to your PC. In addition to downloading videos, this software can also recognize audio files.

For more details on the operation of the above program, please refer to this video:

Saving video using browser plugins

How to download a video from Yandex? One of the answers to this question may be the following: using a browser plugin. Popular browsers have their own extension stores, where you can download a plug-in to your browser for free / paid to extend the functionality of your Internet browser. One of these special plugins is Video DownloadHelper, which can be installed on both Chrome and Mozilla. For example, having installed the DownloadHelper extension in Mozilla, go to the "Settings" tab